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Wembley Get Together! Community Cancer Concern Health Seminar & Expo (25 Nov)
We all know the devastating impact cancer has on families, friends, work etc.... Read more
Superposition, erotic dance and science combined (9-10 Nov)
Manchester poet, playwright and performance artist Chanje Kunda presents, Superposition, an extraordinary performance combining lap dancing and science to better... Read more
Afro Hair Care Revolution (Black History Month)
LADIES WELCOME TO THE REVOLUTION! THE AFRO HAIR CARE REVOLUTION!   The Afro Hair company is a new and dynamic... Read more
Up Front Comedy Shows (5 Nov-3 Dec) Competition
Produced by comedian turned Teletubbie John Simmit, Upfront Comedy kicks off a new season of international comedy at London’s... Read more
BiBi Crew Get Raunchy (Competition)
Bibi Crew are back after a sell-out evening at the Attic, Hackney Picturehouse for another hilarious and interactive show at... Read more
Ajegule – The Play (13-14 Oct)
Did you know that Lagos is the fastest growing city in Africa and one of the... Read more
It Tastes Like Home – Play (13-15 Oct)
Set in modern day London, this inventive and exploratory production is an examination of what it is... Read more
Dr Boyce Watkins London Tour (12-14 Oct)
Appearing over three day is the renowned financial expert Dr Boyce Watkins. This leading expert in stocks and shares... Read more
MMCO Emporium Red Dress Extravaganza
The phenomenal Oprah Winfrey’s Legend Ball has been spectacularly resurrected UK style as the MMCO Emporium Red Dress Ball. This... Read more
Dee, Myself and I (25-26 Sept)
Dee, Myself and I tells the story of a young woman named Thea, who is finding... Read more