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De Plantain Tree, putting jerk chicken snacks on the map De Plantain Tree, putting jerk chicken snacks on the map
De Plantain Tree, putting jerk chicken snacks on the map

If you were at our February’s Black networking event, you would no doubt have tasted the tangy and totally scrumptious healthy jerk chickens snacks produced by the very enterprising duo of Colin MacFarlane and Lorraine Anthony. The snacks were so different from anything we had snacked on,  that Ebonyonline.net had to get them in to find out more about their business, challenges, aspirations and much more.


EOL: What makes your range of snacks different from what’s on the market?
DEP: Our biggest attraction is jerk chicken when the BBQ is lit, the aroma of the jerk attracts people from far and wide, they follow their noses until they find where that wonderful smell is coming from.


In our experience, we realised that jerk chicken has become a very popular dish in the UK so we decided to create a healthy and nutritious snack that people can enjoy where ever they are, whether they are on the go or just want a snack in-between meal.


The health benefits of Sticky’s Jerk Snacks are that its high in protein, low fat, gluten free, and no artificial colouring or flavouring.


Our research shows that there is nothing like it in the UK. There are other companies that do something similar but it’s processed differently and cannot be classified as a healthy snack, also its the jerk flavour that makes it stand out from the rest of the competition.


EOL: What other catering services do you provide?
DEP: As a catering company, we cater for weddings, birthdays, christenings, corporate events, and bereavements. We also do street food/pop-ups such as festivals and markets.


EOL: Caribbean food especially ‘jerk’ is on the national radar. What are your views on this?
DEP: We believe that Caribbean cuisine especially jerk chicken is a major contender In the food industry today, taking the place of your traditional Indian curry which has dominated the industry for years. We believe it’s time for CHANGE!!!


EOL: What are some of the challenges you’ve faced running your catering business?
DEP: The major challenges that we faced as a catering company is due to the depression in the economy.  People getting married or having private functions are more likely to downsize their event to keep the costs low.

As far as the festivals and pop-up, we have the weather to contend with, so in the winter months, we are limited in how much business we can do.


EOL: As an experienced owner, what tips do you have for start-ups in the catering or food business?
DEP: Make sure you have the correct training and all your certificates.  Also, do your business with passion and have a love for food. Be prepared to work hard, as there are lots of early mornings and late nights.


EOL: Why is it important to have a strong black business community?
DEP: Throughout history, Black people have made huge contributions to society, but these contributions have often been ignored or not fully recognised or credited to us. We’re not treated the same way because of the colour of our skin.


So we believe in order to change the past, it’s more important for the Black business to come together so we can rebuild our community for the next generation to come.


EOL: Finally, who have been some of your business inspirations?
DEP: I don’t know about business inspiration, but my main inspiration has been my business partner/partner Lorraine, who has given me the strength and encouragement to succeed in taking the business further.


I think it is very important to have someone who is willing to stand by you and catch you when you fall as this business can be very stressful at times.


For orders and further information contact: Email: Deplantaintree@outlook.com
Instagram: @deplantaintree

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