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The Brand Design Agency: Founder Sophie White We are a fast-growing challenger brand that loves to build brand identities for the Entrepreneur and the companies they own. Our signature is to create brands with real Purpose & Culture. We have with over 10 years’ experience managing the effective brand promotion campaigns for global FMCG companies like Nestle, Coca Cola, Bacardi, Lindt, Vimto, Fullers, Yazoo and Diageo. Click here for your 1 hour FREE Consultation https://calendly.com/branddesignagency
We Design Media
WeDesign Media is a professional established digital design agency with a proven track record with over 14 years experience in the industry. Our aim is to provide a quality, personalised and flexible service. We specialise in publication design, logo/ branding, promotional print media and website design and development.  We have partnered with brands like Balfour Betty and The Barrister Magazine to produce internal comms publications as well as industry magazines. We also work with community based organisations and London borough councils.   https://wedesign.media


We provide a blood and transplantation service to the NHS, looking after blood donation services in England and transplant services across the UK. This includes managing the donation, storage and transplantation of blood, organs, tissues, bone marrow and stems cells, and researching new treatments and processes.  https://www.nhsbt.nhs.uk/

Shades By Renee

We are a specialist retail brand who design and manufacture shoes, inner wear, lingerie and hosiery for women of colour. We are dedicated towards providing exquisite quality, comfortable products inspired by the confidence, self-esteem of the woman of Colour who feel comfortable in her own skin. Our winter/spring collection “the ebony collection” is our first product which is tights/hosiery, these 20-denier nude sheer tights are for women of colour with 5 different shades/skin tones: Latte, Caramel, Chocolate, Espresso and Coffee. They are available in sizes: S, M, L and XL, also can be bought in 1 pair or 2 pair packs. Visit www.shadesbyrenee.com to view details of our range.

Zions-i Art and Design

Zions-i Art and Design company create cultural fine art, jewellery, t-shirts and greeting cards to Inspire, Motivate and Uplift.  The current collection entitled Genesis Timelines and Maps – explores black history and identity by creating unique pieces that combine science and art. Our aim is to challenge the notion that black people have no history before slavery. By visually answering the question Where did we come from? and Where are we going? Drawing on research by black historians such as Robin Walker, and activists like Francis Cress Welsing and Dr Afrika, combined with thought provoking insights from Dr Malachi Z York, Zions-i continues to produce work that is exciting, colourful and rich. www.zions-i.co.uk

The Business Mix Show (www. colourfulradio.com)

The Business Mix, is a show that airs every Wednesday morning from 9am – 10am on Colourful Radio (www.colourfulradio.com). The show is primarily dedicated to engaging with entrepreneurs and those who could potentially start their own businesses, providing unique insights and the blueprint to a successful business venture. The Business Mix answers business related questions and offers advice from the two co-hosts and studio guest.  Please call Christine Addy at 079006762 or email thebusinessmix100@gmail.com for business interview opportunities.

 Afford Business Club

AFFORD Business Club (ABC) supports African diaspora entrepreneurs by providing business development support to those who seek to develop or launch their businesses in Africa. If you are an African Diaspora entrepreneur then the AFFORD Business Club is an ideal space to network, and get support for your business, in the diaspora, and in Africa. The ABC is the pathway for African diaspora entrepreneurs to tap into and benefit from AFFORD’s links, knowledge, programmes and networks. Ebonyonline members can benefit from a 50% discount when taking membership. For more information visit: http://afford-uk.org/what-we-do/projects/abc-2/


About OPALEYE – We believe that a a person should never knowingly be boring and that is our hashtag = #neverknowinglyboring. We stock Unique Statement pieces that are ethically sourced from around the world bearing in mind that every woman can accentuate their individuality with an OPALEYE piece. We also do Accessories Styling – where we consult with you and help accessorise YOU uniquely so that your outfit makes the perfect Statement….the OPALEYE way. www.opaleye.com Instagram: @byopaleye

Yvonne Phillip – Personal Brand Stylist

Yvonne Phillip is a Personal Brand Stylist and Success Coach with over 25 years of developing people in the world of work and running businesses in the corporate, charity and creative sectors. She supports employees and entrepreneurs with the mindset, tools, tips, strategy and style to elevate their personal brands to ensure the success and balance they require in their life and careers. She achieves this through the provision of customer focused services, products, training and events. To find out more why not get in touch. Connect with Yvonne on your social media platform of choice: https://facebook.com/yvonnephillipsuccessstylist ; https://www.instagram.com/yvonnephillipsuccessstylist; https://twitter.com/YvonnePhillipwww.linkedin.com/in/yvonnephillip

The Power of Your ‘I Am’ Story: Self Discovery Workbooks – BOOK RELEASE!!

THE POWER OF YOUR “I AM” STORY: SELF DISCOVERY WORKBOOKS (teen girls & boys 12-19 years) includes activities that are intended to re-programme young people’s thoughts from their current destructive ‘I AM’ story to a happier; more culturally-sensitive and successful narrative. Contact: Jenice ZONETTE Revers (Author/Facilitator/Speaker with over 20 years’ experience working with children and young people in educational settings in the inner city of Jamaica and within local authority social services in the UK) Email: zonette007@outlook.com or Phone: 0771 482 1295  Facebook: Zonette Zonette

Nustar Gemz Ltd

Stargazing Natural Handmade Jewellery for all occasions which are made all in London. Nustar Gemz use unique materials such as glass, wood, semi precious stones mostly with silver or copper/brass finding (To order email or visit website – New Product line will be added on Mid Feb 2019) Website: www.nustargemz.com Email: nustargems@gmail.com  Twitter: nustargemz Instagram: Nustar Gems

Leicala Natural Products

Leicala Natural Products is a family owned all-natural skincare company. We are passionate about creating products using only natural ingredients and our love for helping customers look and feel their best. Visit us at https://www.leicala.shop/ or Tel: +447809706496 E: sales@leicala.shop

Infinite Divinity

Infinite Divinity is a clothing brand born out of the need to provide clothing that inspires True Love of Self , Empowerment, Pride and Balancement to those that resonate with the Vibration that Infinite Divinity brings. Infinite Divinity strives to bring Clothing , Jewellery and Accessories that reflects the Divinity within us all and to promote Love of Self , Culture and History . Embrace the Infinite Divinity with YOU and Release the Power Within!!  Website: www.infinitedivinity.co.uk Instagram: Infinite_divinity_id Email info@infinitedivinity.co.uk
HSBC HSBC Bank plc is one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world. HSBC’s international network comprises around 7,500 offices in over 80 countries and territories in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa.

Dale Coaching My expertise is in working with family-led businesses to review their team’s performance, operations, and future growth plan. With the leadership I review their business so they make key business decisions that will build a high growth company. Client benefits. They: – Build on the success already attained and drive their business forward – Reduce friction and frustration so their senior team communicates and works together effectively – Increase the dynamism of the business, and strengthen its position in the market – Integrate family members abilities and aptitudes in a way that builds cohesion – Lay the foundation for exploring new markets and products Tel: 0203 290 1253 Tw: @Daleicoach Fb: Jacqueline Hall
Tony DADA – Empowerment Coach For over 27 years Tony has been investing in some of society’s most disadvantaged people, youth as well as adults, and those from BME communities, transforming lives through Empowerment workshops, programmes and courses. Inspired by his Spiritual mentor of 35 years from Ghana, Africa He is the author of the book “The GPS System” 7 Universal Principles for Growing Personal Success and creator of the empowerment programme of the same name. Grow Personal Success Testimonials 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cj6xXm8Kn7o Contact Tony at www.tonydada.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tonybioladada/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tonybioladada/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/tonydada_
Candour Property Services Ltd We are a London – Based Company.We provide housing solutions both long and short term for our clients both here in the UK and in Jamaica. We inform and bring awareness of the different developments and housing solutions in Jamaica to the Jamaica Diaspora. Our additional services in the UK include:Tenant Sourcing & Tenant Referencing – If you have rooms to rent whether it is a spare room or rooms in a HMO we will find you vetted tenants (London Area)/Inventory Services/Alternative Accommodation/Property Training with our Partner KatanaGroup/Financing for Developers

Tel: 0203 773 3392 Mobile: 07535040057 Email: marcia@candourpropertyservices.com


DarkGirl Boss THE NEW ‘Must Have’ Book by Khadijah Ward, Author of the Groundbreaking Book Black Sterling & CEO of DarkGirlBoss, her latest Publication release & Brand. Read these powerful untold stories of PAIN. JOY. POWER from Trailblazing Sheroes like you. You will truly be blown away, and undoubtedly be compelled to mirror their successes. Embrace Your Greatness! Empress Unity! Is the essence of the DarkGirlBoss brand. Khadijah, along with her team of experts have a Vision and Gateway leading to an ascending Pathway for Personal Development, Economic Stability & Growth, to excel your Nation and to uplift you all. We invite and encourage You to visit our website DARKGIRLBOSS.COM. Gain empowerment through Khadijah’s amazing Original Quotes & FREE Audios and join us on the journey of EMBRACING YOUR GREATNESS. Start the journey with us at the BNGL Event.
“ONUA is a west African homeware company run by siblings Emmanuela and Phillip Frimpong. ONUA brings to life a luxurious fusion where West African fabrics, design and symbols adorn everyday homeware such as lampshades, cushions and crockery. Our current range include the beautiful Ghanaian Royal Kente mug as well as the gorgeous Afua Blue Dutch wax cushion.” Visit: www.onua.co.uk to see our range.

De Plantain Tree

DE PLANTAIN TREE is a family owed business run by Colin and Lorraine we are a Caribbean catering company that caters for all occasions, like weddings, christenings, birthdays, cooperate events etc. We don’t stop there, we also do various  markets and festivals across the UK where we have been successful in promoting the business as well as building the brand. So weather inside or outside our professional team will make sure your event is a memorable one. Now we have developed a healthy snack that we are in the process of bringing  to market. Email: Deplantaintree@outlook.com

Artisan Impression Cezanne Taharqa is Author of the Self-help novel Journey of a Sister; her mission is to ‘Promote LOVE through Creativity’, especially Black Love. Her novel features her artwork and poetry and shatters the illusion of what society defines as True Love. Read Year One FREE at www.journeyofasister.com
Amos G Consulting
Amos is your family friendly consultant helping you make the best decisions on all matters of Income, Business and Family protection policies. I offer Impartial advise, make recommendations on Insurance packages tailored to suit your Budget and Requirements. For further information:
Tel: 07415166239

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