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Robot Exhibition at Science Museum (Till 3 Sept) Robot Exhibition at Science Museum (Till 3 Sept)
Robot Exhibition at Science Museum (Till 3 Sept)

Do you know the history of robot dates back as far as 500 years ago? Visitors will have the chance to get an insight into the long fascinating history of Robots for themselves as the exhibition looks into the evolution of robots from their beginning, through present times to the future.


The Exhibition takes visitors on an incredible journey spanning five centuries, illustrated with robotic artefacts from around the globe. From a 16th century mechanised monk, to some of film’s most iconic robotic creations to the very latest humanoids.


From the dawn of mechanised human forms to cutting-edge technology fresh from the lab, Robots reveals the astonishing 500-year quest to make machines human.


Visitors will also have the opportunity to see the Kodomoroid communication android, Japan c.2014, Automaton monk, Spain c. 1560, Eric the Robot, 2016, Replica of ‘Maria’ Robot, 1927, Zeno R25 expressive humanoid robot by RoboKind, US, c.2013, and a whole host of other historical and fantastic Robots.


Focusing on why they exist rather than on how they work, the Science Museum’s blockbuster exhibition explores the ways robots mirror humanity and the insights they offer into our ambitions, desires and man’s position in a rapidly changing world.


Venue: Science Museum London, SW7 2DD. Visit: From 8 February to 3 September 2017 £15 for adult 11 and under go free. Visit sciencemuseum.org.uk/robots for more information.

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