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Pipline @ Arcola Theatre (26 March – 2 May 2020) Pipline @ Arcola Theatre (26 March – 2 May 2020)
Pipline @ Arcola Theatre (26 March – 2 May 2020)

Nya teaches at an inner-city state school. Her only son Omari attends a private school upstate.


When an incident in Omari’s class plunges his future into doubt, Nya must confront her choices as a parent. Can she reach him before the world pulls him away?


The play deals with how a mother and son wrestle with what has commonly become known as the school-to-prison pipeline of the American education system for young men of colour.


In a recent interview previous school educator Dominique Morisseau (Sunset Baby, Gate Theatre) and one of the top 5 most-produced playwrights in America said: “I really believe education is also the new Jim Crow [not mass incarceration] right now because there is so much segregation in education, and there’s an excessive system of have and have-nots. So I was first and foremost interested in exploring the school-to-prison pipeline because of how personally it affected some people in my life”


Pipeline is an arresting, lyrical drama about the lessons we’re taught and the lives we shape. A must see play for all those involved in the education of our children.


Pipeline, 26 March-2 May, Arcola Theatre For tickets and details visit: https://ebonyonline.net/event/pipeline/

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