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CA Awards 2019, Interview with founder Faustina Anyanwu CA Awards 2019, Interview with founder Faustina Anyanwu
CA Awards 2019, Interview with founder Faustina Anyanwu

The 6th edition of much anticipated Creativity and Arts Awards is due to take place late November in the opulent setting of the Hilton Hotel Canary Wharf. Ebonyonline.net caught up co-founder Faustina Anyanwu to find out more about this established and highly respected event as well as her passion for greater education around women’s health.


EOL: This is the 6th edition of The Creativity and Arts Awards (CA Awards), what has been the secret of its success?

FA: The success has been its simple yet sophisticated appeal. We have managed to make the awards to reflect something meaningful and valuable, and I think people have seen this and keyed into it.


EOL: It’s a great achievement to have over 100 finalists. Why do you think creatives and entrepreneurs have flocked to this award compared to others?

FA: We have been transparent over the years. People know whoever wins CA awards must have worked so hard. We have never focused on the quantity but on the quality of people we attract and award. And it is rewarding to see people appreciate that and long to win the award year in year out.


EOL:  How did you and your husband Emeka come up with the idea for the Awards? Was there a need that wasn’t being fulfilled.

FA: C. Hub Magazine is a Creativity Hub Magazine. Right from the start of the magazine, the focus has always been on promoting, spotlighting and encouraging positive representations of African and Caribbean people. It was only a matter of time for the awards to come into the picture. The CA Awards – (Creativity and Arts Awards), is simply an extension of looking at a people’s story through the talent lens.


EOL: Tell us about some of the 26 categories that are being recognised on the night?

FA: The categories are divided into 12 major groups, to enable us to capture all aspects of the creative and arts industry. The major groups the categories belong are-  Events, Fashion and style, movies and films, Community and Lifestyle, Music and Performing arts, Broadcast media, Online media, literary writing and publishing, Business and enterprise, publicity and branding and finally, visual arts.


So within these major groups, we have categories such as – the Best fashion designer, best fashion accessories designer, best event organiser etc. All the categories are interesting as they all come together to give the entire award ceremony its character.


The Visual arts brings in the photographers, the videographers, the graphic designers etc, while the Business and entreprise groups bring in the categories – best brands, best business, best start-ups, etc. in all the essence of the awards is to encourage, celebrate and congratulate the resilience creatives put in throughout the year, putting their best selves in this highly fluid and often cold industry.


EOL: Following on from that what are some of the creative businesses that were nominated?

FA: We have the Best Makeup Artists, Best Authors, Best Fashion Designers, Best Movies and Best Actors, Models and much more. We try to make sure all aspects of the creative industry are represented.


EOL: Apart from the awards what can people expect to experience at this glittering event?

FA: CA Awards is always celebrated over a lavish 3-course dinner. There is always some form of surprise at every event. They are met with high-quality networking with some of the most high profile individuals in the industry as well as like-minded people.


The speeches always have lots to give creatives, enough inspiration to kick-start on a high note for the new year. The music and entertainments are always one to leave guests dancing late into the night.


EOL: The event is at the sumptuous Hilton Canary Wharf, was it chosen because it’s a centre for business?

FA: CA Awards has always been held at Hilton Hotel or hotels of similar calibre. We choose such luxurious venues out of respect for our people, our guests, and our brand. We believe that if you must give then, give the very best possible.


EOL: Tell a bit about your other venture, C.Hub Magazine, what range of stories does it cover?

FA: C. Hub magazine is focused on creativity, talent, entrepreneurship and leadership. It is created to provide quality non-regurgitated content that balances the narrative of the image of African and Caribbean people. C. Hub magazine is here to show the other side of the story.


EOL: You are very passionate about women’s health. What are the issues that you want to explore ?

FA: Yes. I’m passionate about the welfare of women and that has been my mission with Divas of Colour – a platform we created to give women the opportunity to excel in every aspect of their lives. I love to see women succeed in any area of their choosing and it is my utmost joy to be a source of empowerment for hundreds of women. I bring awareness on issues such as – domestic violence, sexual harassment, gynaecological cancers, and women’s mental health.


Our 2020 campaign is focused on raising awareness and educating women on different aspects of mental health (postnatal and success syndrome, the stress of motherhood) and many other types of mental health issues.


EOL: Finally, tell us in a couple of sentences why our readers should rush out and get their tickets for this much-anticipated event?

FA: Each year, every single guest that attends our events has gone home inspired and ready to take on the world. Be prepared to be entertained, inspired, and network with the cream of the industry. There is no other way to end a beautiful year. Come out and cheer on your own, come and celebrate success and attract the same for yourself.


30 Nov, CA awards 2019, Hilton Hotel Canary Wharf, Marsh Wall,  South Quay Square, E14 9SH. Details and ticket visit www.chubmagazine.com/caawards or Eventbrite UK

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