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Exploring the cosmic art of Zions-i Exploring the cosmic art of Zions-i
Exploring the cosmic art of Zions-i

Out of the desire to answer what or where is the beginning of time was born Zions-i. Artist Francine Seaton produces cultural designed to inspire, motivate and uplift. Ebonyonline.net caught up this fascinating lady to explore her art, inspiration and all things cosmic.

EOL: How did Zions-i come about?

FS: Zions-i fine art practice came about from a combination of inspirations. On my first day as a fine art student, we were asked to produce a piece of artwork based on the notion of space. The piece needed to reflect the qualities and characteristics of that space.

Having moved from my home town to university that very morning. I thought about the space, within the car journey up. The satellite navigation system instructing us where to go, the sounds and sights encountered along route. So there I was travelling in a moving space, through space, being guided from space.

From then on maps, signs and timelines, together with black history and identity became a big theme in my work. One day I thought, what if you could visually document black history by turning it into a London Underground style map, with each ‘stop’ point being a piece of art depicting a significant event in our history. Genesis -Timelines and Maps is my first body of artwork which attempts to do this. All the products available are from this initial idea.

EOL: You describe your site as cultural art and design to inspire, motivate and uplift? Could you expand on this?

FS: I’m working on the full message behind this as part of my artist manifesto. At the moment the statement is my reaction to our current global position as black people. Where it is already great, then make it greater. Where there’s need for improvement, well find ways to Inspire, Motivate and Uplift.

EOL: How did you go about choosing the artwork for the site?

FS: Selections are based on how well the artwork interprets the brief and what I’ve created in response to the research. I started the series Genesis -Timelines and Maps with the beginning of creation. The Big Bang depicts the moment The Most High spoke every-thing into being.

My current research in science and esoteric wisdom, allows me to explore the mechanics of creation. New work available July 2019, go into the realm of quantum physics, continuing the idea to put the creation story as a London Underground style map, these works are the ‘rail-tracks’ between stations.

EOL: And the artists you work with?

FS: Zions-i is my own vision, so at the moment I don’t work with any other artists. Though I have taken part in collaborative exhibitions in the past and I hope to do so in the future. 

EOL: What challenges did you face bringing Zions-i to fruition and also sustaining it?

FS: At university the main focus was on critical analysis. We were constantly encouraged to put ideas under scrutiny. This practice has stayed with me and is a main challenge when converting a fine art studio to a viable business. I’m always questioning myself. How does this design answer the brief? 

How can I turn this painting into a fashion item? So for me, creating is largely problem solving. For the current jewellery collection, I wanted to produce funky-bright colourful Africa Map pendant earrings and necklaces, which were exact miniature versions of Peters Projection Map which shows land mass as it actually is.

The design looked wonderful in my imagination. Though, producing excellent quality results in reality, meant investing in a graphic designer to convert my hand drawing, into a vector image a requirement of laser cut specialists. The results were great.

The journey to achieve a goal is always challenging, financially, intellectively and so on. Sustaining, I think depends on not given up, continuously creating new work and finding ways to connect with people.

EOL: What make your site unique in the marketplace?

FS: I believe attention to detail and my creative style make my site unique. Artwork produced is strongly informed by research. Tackling branches of physics and anthropology to create pieces on the origin of the universe and human beings.

My artistic style has components of architectural graphic combined with graffiti wide-style accents, sprinkled with cosmic elements to give an ethereal vibe.

EOL: How important is marketing to the success of a business?

FS: Marketing is very import. Taking part in events such as Business Networking & Growth London (BNGL) and the Black Market & Film Festival coming up on the 20 February, are all part the current marketing campaign. I think it’s important to devise different campaigns to meet different aims. Networking events are great for face to face interaction.

EOL: What new products / innovations do you have in the pipeline?

FS: My ambition is to produce a complete body of work which fulfils the task I set myself of visually documenting black history. I visualize hosting a touring exhibition which showcases the whole ‘Map’. The work would be executed in combination of mediums and styles, from painting to sculpture, any creative form I can master.

EOL: Who are your business hero or heroines and why?

FS: I admire Mark and Charmaine Simpson founders of Black History Studies Market. They have provided a valuable service to the black community and black business owners who want to reach their target audience. They and their team show professionalism, enthusiasm dedication and resilience, which prove they really believe in their business and are determined to make it work. 

EOL: Finally, why should our readers check out your website?

FS: Art will always be very subjective, however, if you like black art that has been described as beautiful, rich and bring good positive energy, as a gift or a unique treat to yourself, please view my present collection of paintings, original silk screen and photoetching prints, greeting cards, jewellery and t-shirt designs, please click the link  www.zions-i.co.uk. Ultimately Zions-i is a working progress, you’re welcome to take part in the journey by following me through Instagram@ zionsi_art

Francine Seaton will be exhibiting some of Zions-i collection at the forthcoming Business Networking and Growth London (BNGL) event on 20th February at We Work, 2 Leman St, E1 8FA (6-9pm). For tickets and stall info visit: www.ebonyonline.net/tickets

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