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Gbanjo Gbanjo is in Hackney – 30 Jul Gbanjo Gbanjo is in Hackney – 30 Jul
Gbanjo Gbanjo is in Hackney – 30 Jul

As promised, after great feedback and requests for a comeback, we are bringing our Afrikan & Vintage market GBANJO GBANJO event from Brixton to Hackney.


With a bigger market space so we can accommodate more stalls and from an earlier time leaving more time for shopping and enjoying the vibes.


Gbanjo Gbanjo which means ‘discount’ in Yoruba is where both first and second hand goods are traded, bought and sold; including Afrikan and vintage inspired products, goods, clothing, jewellery, beauty brands, health and holistic brands, beverages, foods, juices, natural products/services, hair care and more.


This event allows funds to be circulated within the community as well as providing a laid back networking experience for those in need of it. Also to get rid of good condition second hand things you have no use for that somebody else may benefit from.


All this, plus live performances and food in a great atmosphere, from Brixton, we have now decided to bring it to HACKNEY!!


Where: Hackney Showroom, Hackney Downs Studios, Amhurst Terrace, E8 2BT

For more information about stalls and registration visit : www.onemovement.org.uk


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