Afrocentric Theatre, Music, Culture and Business

Until The Flood (Play Review)
The lead up to the shooting of an unarmed Michael Brown Jr, an 18 year African-American by Darren Wilson... Read more
Typical @ Soho Theatre (Play Review)
Misconceptions and prejudices manufactured and disseminated through various channels such as the media have often portrayed the Black man as... Read more
Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre @ Sadler’s Wells (Dance Review)
African-American modern dance employs various aspects of modern dance while infusing elements of African and Caribbean movements into choreography.  ... Read more
The Secret River @ National Theatre (Play Review)
When the British started to colonise Australia in 1788 it’s estimated that the indigenous population could have been up to... Read more
Appropriate @ Donmar Warehouse (Play Review)
According to the Equal Justice Initiative, 4,084 African-Americans were lynched between 1877 and 1950 in the South. Some hangings were... Read more
Actually (Till Aug 31) – Play Review
It’s been shown that one in five US college females has experienced sexual assault, with the highest risk been... Read more
The Tree (Play Review)
The history of White colonial land dispossession didn’t begin with the passing of the Native Land Act in 1913, it... Read more
Blues in the Night (Play Review)
In his book Blues People: Negro Music in White America, writer Amiri Bakara said “If] the Negro represents, or... Read more
Seven Methods Of Killing Kylie Jenner (Play Review)
In this tongue-in-cheek dram a, writer Jasmine Lee Jones, postulates the gruesome ways one could kill Kylie Jenner, who... Read more
Strange Fruit (Play Review)
Strange Fruit by renowned playwright Caryl Philips is tells how families can be quickly destroyed when long hidden uncomfortable truths... Read more
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