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The Trick (Play Review)
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Soft Animals by Holly Robinson (Play Review)
Holly Robinson’s debut play, Soft Animals, is a two header with Bianca Stephens playing Frankie Ellie Piercy as Sarah. As... Read more
Sweat (Play Review)
The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was supposed to benefit all Americans by the huge export potential of goods... Read more
The Convert – Play Review
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A Small Place (Theatre Review)
Did you know that Antigua is 14 miles long by 11 miles wide? This fact is repeated throughout... Read more
The Hoes (Theatre Review)
Recently I had the pleasure of seeing Ifeyinwa Fedrick’s debut play The Hoes at the Hampstead theatre. The audience were sat huddled... Read more
White Teeth (Theatre Review)
Based on Zadie Smith’s international bestseller, White Teeth is a feel good musical about a corner of north-west London (Kilburn),... Read more
Ear For Eye (Theatre Review)
Did you know that 26% of the people that died at the hand of police were from... Read more
The Wolves (Theatre Review)
Set in a small town in mid America, the Wolves is a funny and insightful into the lives... Read more
Ballet Black, Rose Theatre, Kingston (30 Oct)
    If you’re a lover of ballet then you wont want to miss Ballet Black’s latest double bill of... Read more