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Muxima Bio  Hair Products – Interview with founder Muxima Bio  Hair Products – Interview with founder
Muxima Bio  Hair Products – Interview with founder

Muxima meand ‘heart’ in Kimbundu, an Angolan language. They offer a range of unique products for textured hair. Their mission is to unravel and reveal all hair textures so that stylists and users can create inspirational high end hair designs. Today we are talking to the creator and founder Eunice Mendes about herself and the brand she has created.


EOL: Tell us a bit about the products and services you provide.

EM: Muxima is a platform which curates, produces and showcases the best of art, science, education and politics, and everything revolves on the topic of Identity. We want to shine a light on the misrepresented and underrepresented through these areas, by pushing the status quo and creating visionary alternatives in order to change the narrative. We understand that only engaging the complete circle real CHANGE can came to light.


I can tell you about our next project which illustrates this very well. We’re promoting a Debate for next month, about a brutal violation of basic human rights that happened 40 years ago in Angola, that to this day hasn’t been acknowledged (since Angola still lives under a dictatorship). 30.000 people we’re murdered because they didn’t agree with the current regime. We want to pay homage to these victims, have the world know about this injustice, and have the Angolan government acknowledge its past (re-writting History). Also, we’ve defied several artists to create pieces illustrating this tragic event; writers to make essays about this; a documentary is also being made, and it will all culminate on the day of the event, amplifying the discussion to reach more people from all walks of life.


We stand up for our beliefs & use creative forms to showcase what needs to change & express fresh, new and sometimes radical alternatives. Pushing boundaries and Disrupting a bit beyond the comfort zone, with Truth, Honesty and Authenticity, touching people emotionally and leaving a mark.


We are a Biotech company and we invest on advance research for new sources of protein. We also sponsor 3 master degrees, to 3 brilliant students with a low income. Still on the science side, we’ve researched and developed a range of products for textured hair. Muxima Caviar System is our first range of products, with premium ingredients in the highest concentrations available on the market. They’re a first for us and a first for textured hair. Each Muxima product is made with new formulations and premium ingredients—bio-marine anti-aging caviar protein, gold, Prodew 500, antioxidant orchid extract—in the highest concentrations. Muxima products contain no parabens, no sulphates, no artificial color. All products are cruelty-free, and dermatologically tested and produced in Europe.


The brand is artistic, inventive and inclusive, serving as a platform for real representations of diversity, and celebrating texture through the work of creatives, artists and activists who are making waves, pushing through barriers and defying stereotype. Muxima represents a new and inspiring narrative for people of color and mixed heritage.


EOL: Why did you start the business and what motivated you?

EM: Being a minority has made me very conscious of all the under-represented voices across the world, and this has always propelled me to be involved, and I first started volunteering at age 15. Years later I graduated from the Rose Buford School of Drama in London, where I specialised in Theatre of the Oppressed. This led me to work with a variety of different people, including victims of domestic violence in Paris, war orphans in Angola and Marias, prior to Maria da Penha Law, the well-known project fighting for the rights of housemaids in Brazil.


My creative output has always been connected to social and humanitarian causes. So when I established Muxima, I could only do so by upholding my beliefs and in line with my value system.


When I became pregnant with my first child, I became really aware of the harshness of the chemicals involved in relaxing my hair, so I stopped. Having relaxed my hair for many years to fit in the portuguese society, and doing it so automatically, I had never questioned it until this moment.


Returning to my natural hair, I wanted to find a way to care for my hair and wear it both curly and straight without the chemicals and being happy and confident with the results.


Muxima is the result of this desire to be able to make a healthy, informed choice by creating products that really work.


Despite the world becoming ever more blended and textured, there is still a remarkable lack of luxurious, high quality, performance and indulgent products for textured hair types—prestige products that serve the needs of mixed-heritage, curly, wavy and kinky hair. Products that really work. That stand up scientifically but also to hair’s demands. Muxima aims to plug this gap.


EOL: Tell us a bit more about the Muxima Caviar System and how you came to formulate it?

EM: The Muxima Caviar System works synergistically. This means the ingredients perform exceptionally together. Users will see results from the very first use, including a visible improvement in the quality and brightness of the hair fibre. Each product in the line also works showing noticeable change when used alone.


The Muxima Caviar System comprises:

  1. Hydrating Hair Wash: A rich moisturizing daily hair wash that nourishes and nurtures, replenishing hydration, restoring strength and protecting against damage.
  2. Curl Defining Conditioner: A light moisturizing daily conditioner that hydrates and restructures hair fibers to restore curl health and vitality, promoting ongoing hair health while providing the perfect basis for styling.
  3. Reconstructing Conditioning Masque: An intensive treatment masque that deep conditions, strengthens and helps reconstruct hair, offering ongoing repair.
  4. Protective Finishing Oil: A rich oil serum that simultaneously nourishes and tames hair, balancing moisture and boosting smoothness while finishing and protecting as little or as much as you need.
  5. Curl Activating Fluid: A light, milky styling fluid that revives, enhances and defines, for curls that look and feel vibrant and lively, with long lasting results.

We’ve researched and tested each ingredient and formulation for 3 years, until we we’re really satisfied with the outcome. This was a labour of love. I wanted to make a product that really worked and didn’t cause any harm, so I took my time so it could come out just right. I’m really proud of what we produced.


EOL: Did you face any challenges in getting the capital to start?

EM: My husband Paulo Taylor was the sole Business Angel.


EOL: Did you have any business background before starting up?

EM: My experience as an entrepreneur started when I was 6 years old, I use to make perfumes and oils and sale them, years later after working in several countries around the world on social&artistic endeavors, I became partner on a well known Theatre Production Company in Lisbon. Whereas my husband Paulo has created a start-up before, when the term start-up wasn’t even a thing. He created the message service eBuddy, which had more than 350 Million users. It was very successful. The Biotech field is new for both of us, but our curiosity, experience and the contacts we’ve made throughout the years are a big advantage in the entrepreneurial world.


EOL: What were the major challenges that you faced in the process of starting up your business and how did you overcome them?

EM: I believe the biggest challenge I’ve faced was convincing people to believe in this project; to believe that we really have an identity acceptance problem, a lack of acceptance of the diversity.


EOL: Which characteristics do you possess that you consider to have contributed to your business success?


I am a worrier

fighting for






disruption/breaking the Status Quo

I stand up for what I believe in, regardless of what may be politically correct.


EOL: What have been your major achievements to date?

EM: We are all part of a movement we have co-created called #LIberdadejá #freedomnow. This movement was created to support the 17 Angolan activists which have been put to jail, on a deliberate attempt to freedom of expression. Approximately one year later after many demonstrations they have all been liberated!


EOL: What are the current challenges in your sector and how are you facing them?

EM: Since we are the first luxury product for textured we are actually creating a category, therefore we do have to face an educational process.


EOL: What advice would you give to a start up thinking of entering your sector?


  • Work with passion
  • Do your homework
  • create the formulations
  • test it – get feedback
  • adjust it – according to the expected results
  • Sell it
  • Repeat


EOL: What are your future plans for growth and further success?


  • Revolutionize the way our (BLACK) History is told and acknowledgement of the Imperialist Countries
  • Important Biotech findings
  • New spectacular product lines
  • Help more people to embrace their Natural Beauty
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