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African and Caribbean War Memorial – 22 June African and Caribbean War Memorial – 22 June
African and Caribbean War Memorial – 22 June

The African and Caribbean War Memorial is the first of its kind in the United Kingdom, to specifically honour Commonwealth soldiers from Africa and the Caribbean who fought alongside British troops and their Allies in World War I and World War II.


The Memorial made up of two obelisks in Scottish Whin Stone erected on to a 12-foot pyramidal plinth weighing just over 5 tons, will be installed in Brixton, London and unveiled on 22 June 2017.


This project has been three years in the making. Originally conceived by the Nubian Jak Community Trust, as an extension of the 36 blue plaques installed around the country, commemorating iconic black figures in the United Kingdom’s history.


The Nubian Jak Community Trust’s mission is to ensure there is a lasting legacy honouring the contribution made by African and Caribbean Military Servicemen and Servicewomen as well as addressing the historical omissions that have been made about their participation.


The unveiling of this historic Memorial will take place on Windrush Day, a day particularly fitting for this distinguished occasion. Windrush Day is a day of great significance to all British Nationals of African and Caribbean descent marking the arrival of the Empire Windrush in 1948.


Jak Beula CEO Nubian Jak Community Trust said:

“This memorial event will be a poignant yet celebratory experience and inspirational for all who attend. It is crucial that we don’t forget the historic role played by African and Caribbean Servicemen and Servicewomen who served during both Wars. We should be proud of their contribution.”
Other events include: Tuesday 20th June – REMEMBERED: In Memoriam – Book Launch – Tate Brixton Library and Wednesday 21st June – REMEMBERED – Theatre Play – Paul Robeson Theatre, Hounslow – 7:30pm. Visit website for further details.

For more information, please contact the African and Caribbean Memorial Trust team
Tel: 0207 692 4880 or visit http://www.acmemorial.com


Where: Windrush Square, Brixton,  SW2 1EF  22nd June  Click here for more information.

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