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Ajegule – The Play (13-14 Oct) Ajegule – The Play (13-14 Oct)
Ajegule – The Play (13-14 Oct)

Did you know that Lagos is the fastest growing city in Africa and one of the fastest growing in the world and that it’s Nigeria’s single largest commercial centre? So there’s plenty to play for in terms of politics and economy and those who dominate will surely reap the benefits.


This is the backdrop to the latest and exciting play by Zera. It is a story about love for a nation and the fight to do what is right despite the challenges that will surely be faced.


The Local Government Chairman elections are on the horizon. This sets the scene for a power struggle between the incumbent Chairman and formidable challengers Vic and Gab, who are determined to make Ajegunle a better.


The current Chairman is slowly losing the support of his party who do not believe that he has the ‘mettle’ for another term and may look to replace him. He however is purposefully resolved to continue in his pampered and highly lucrative position and will crush all who stands in his way.


Will the static inertia of the status quo win the day or will new fresh blood with ideas of nationhood building win the day?


This exhilarating stage production is the latest in a long line of thought provoking plays by this acclaimed company.


Their previous successes have ‘One Last Cry’, 42 Weeks, Nana and Daddy’s Girls. The production ‘Nana’ received particular praise and accolade for raising awareness of human trafficking to an audience of over eight hundred people.


Zera is the brainchild of Gbadero Lahanmi whose vision is to tell untold stories in magnificent ways.


So be prepared to be transported back to the heat and tension of Lagos and through dance, music and the finest acting witness a slice of the intrigues that is Nigerian politics.


13-14 Oct, Ajegunle the Musical, Stratford Circus, E15 1BX, £20-£30 Visit https://stratford-circus.com/ for details

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