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Akos – A new name in health and well being Akos – A new name in health and well being
Akos – A new name in health and well being

Health products are all the rage. EBONYONLINE.NET talks to Akos, who is a health & wellness franchisee, about slimming, flexible incomes and developing new skills.



EOL: Slimming is never easy, so how do your products help those trying to lose weight stay on track?


AA: You’re right, millions of people struggle with weight loss and our amazing range of weight management products are made from natural ingredients and detox properties which help to burn and block fat. Not only are all our products vegan and diabetic friendly which is great but also these drinks are not meal replacements so no need to starve your body! Simply take up to two sachets a day as part of your weight management routine. When the products are taken with three balanced meals a day, and plenty of water on average customers can lose between 7lbs to 14lbs within one month of taking the weight management drinks.


EOL: What changes did you experience from using this product?


AA: I love all of our range of 7 products (not all weightloss) but my favourite is the Italian roast weight management coffee. I did a trial for one month and had 1 cup of the Italian coffee each morning and I ate 3 balanced meals a day and I hardly did any exercise besides some light walking and in 1 month I lost 10lbs!
Besides my amazing weightloss results I found that the coffee put me in a good mood and it stopped my usual cravings for sugary snacks like cakes and chocolate.



EOL:  Apart from buying the product, people can also earn an income out of it. How does this work?


AA: Yes, that’s right. This is a home based business with the flexibility of earning a steady income around other commitments such as work, studies, etc. One of the ways we earn money is through retail sales. When you join you get access to your own website link and make 25% commission from each sale.


Through product sales in 6 months i have been able to pay off two of my personal credit cards. In addition to this, we have 6 other income generating streams which includes car bonus plan (once you reach diamond rank).



EOL:  What kind of people would you say this type of business suits?


AA: This business is based on networking so it really suits those who have good relationship building skills. As it is a flexible model you can build your business around a job, studies and other commitments. We have lots of parents joining this business as it allows them to earn a steady weekly income and get to spend more time with their family.


Also, they can now afford to do things that would previously have been financially challenging, such as family holidays and save more money. I personally know a lot of mums who are doing the business like me and have been able to quit their full time job because they hare earning more from this home based business than their full time jobs.



EOL: What sets this opportunity apart from the myriads that are currently out there?


AA: Firstly, the quality of our products especially our flagship and award winning weight management coffee. The fact that coffee is the second largest traded commodity after oil makes this business opportunity unique and profitable.



Secondly, the company itself is well established in USA and Canada, debt free and solid month on month growth worldwide. Operating in 400 countries makes it appealing for those who are excited about the chance to build a global business and have business partners worldwide.



Thirdly, the training and support provided is world class. My wider team is known as ‘inspireglobal’ and our fantastic leader Beth Robinson has organised many incredible team training sessions. We’ve recently been able to tap into the expertise from network marketing leaders such as Ray Higdon and Niyc Pigeon CEO and founder of Bossbabes.



EOL: Finally, what are the three things you have learnt along your journey as a young and driven entrepreneur?


AA: 1. The power of mindset is my biggest discovery. I regularly work on my mindset by listening to and watching motivational content. Also, I use positive affirmations and top this up through regular self development training sessions.


2. It is important to surround myself with people who add value to my life. Those who I want to emulate and see as positive influencers who can motivate me to bring the best out of me.


3. Goal setting – I used to think I could get away with thinking of what goals I wanted to achieve and just hope things would fall into place with a bit of work! But I’ve realised that it is so important to physically write goals down and each day review your goals and tick off what you accomplish (even the small things) otherwise you will lose focus, feel demotivated and give up!


For more information about how you can join the business or purchase some products you can contact me:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/akosua01
Website: www.akosakyaa.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/miss_akosua1/



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