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Black Gifted Network and Exhibitions Black Gifted Network and Exhibitions
Black Gifted Network and Exhibitions

The Black Gifted Networking platform is dedicated to the Black Community. The platform makes use of the latest digital media to showcase your gifts, talents and businesses through events, exhibitions and talent shows. Ebonyonline.net caught up with its founder Paul Johnson to find out about the business and its community commitments.


EOL: So Paul, tell us briefly about the Black Gifted Network, what are its objectives?
PJ: Our key objectives are to inspire and proactively promote Black Businesses and Talent via our pioneering online exhibitions displaying the wide range of Businesses and Talent we have in our community. We also plan to implement an end-to-end Business Exhibition Training & Support Agency which teaches our misguided youths and start-ups how to start and run an online business.


EOL: Break down the online shows and exhibitions for us?
PJ: We organise Expo’s bringing vendors and customers together increasing exposure and sales. The online exhibitions serve as a preview to the Expo’s whereby exhibitors can display their products and services beforehand on our state-of-the-art digital platform. The combination of: Talent Shows, Exhibitions and Expos ensure customers are informed and entertained.


EOL: You plan to have a training agency to help young people get into e-commerce is that right?
PJ: Yes, the UK e-commerce industry is worth over £100 Billion per year, so our particular focus is on helping young people to start and run their own online business.


EOL:  Charities can also use your platform for crowd funding, how does that work?
PJ: Our platform incorporates both a donation and reward based crowdfunding capability. Anyone wishing to donate to a Black Charity or Crowdfund for their business can do so on the platform.


EOL:  Your state of the art digital marketing service sounds really exciting can you explain it in a bit more detail?
PJ: We produce promos, explainer videos and 3D presentations complete with life like video avatars.


EOL:  Wow, what else is on the site?
PJ: We also have competitions, giveaways, quizzes, forums events and even a lotto bid capability where you can bid just £1 to win a major prize worth much more.


EOL:  Tell us a bit about your business journey, when did the entrepreneurial bug bite?
PJ: Actually, our main motivation is to counter the negativity surrounding the Black community and to provide a forum for us to implement solutions to the challenges we face. We believe that everyone has at least one good idea in them and that we can convince some of our misguided youths, to skill up and take advantage of the e-commerce boom.


EOL:  Tell us the meaning behind your slogan ‘Your Too BLACKGIFTED to miss out’ ?
PJ: The slogan relates to the Black community claiming a share of the Mayor’s £1M challenge to community enterprises. Hopefully, that will fund our Business Exhibition Training & Support Agency so that our whole community can benefit from the £100 Billion digital transformation.


EOL:  Finally any advice for the young budding business heads out there just starting out on their journey?
PJ: “We are all blessed with a gift or talent. Wealth, success and happiness is often found when we exploit our talent to its full potential.”


Part of the Black Gifted Network which is an eCommerce platform for the Black Community to develop and showcase their products and services online and through all digital media. As gift specialist we aim to provide you with wide selection of customisable gifts pre-styled with your own designs. For further information contact paul.johnson@blackgifted.com or visit https://www.blackgiftednetwork.org  Founder Paul Johnson pictured.


See Paul and his team at the next Black Business Networking and Growth London (BNGL) taking place on 25 September 2018, at We Work, Aldgate East, E1 8FA from 6-9pm. For FREE tickets to the event visit https://ebonyonline.net/tickets

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