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‘Behind The Mask’ – Domestic Abuse Awareness ‘Behind The Mask’ – Domestic Abuse Awareness
‘Behind The Mask’ – Domestic Abuse Awareness

Did you know an estimated 1.2 million and 713,000 men experienced domestic abuse in the last year, and that women were more likely than men to have experienced all types of domestic abuse? These were the startling statistics that prompted Cedarcube, an organisation that aims to establish solid family units as a basis of maintaining a strong society to put on the ‘Behind The Mask’ experience. Ebonyonline.net caught up with the event’s organiser the very busy Ihu Nweke to find out more.


EOL: Ihu, can you tell us why you put on the event?

IN: I put on this event primarily to raise awareness about the taboo subject of abuse and to raise funds to enable those who have suffered some form of abuse or trauma to access subsidised therapy and counselling.


EOL: What is Cedarcube’s mission?

IN: Cedarcube’s missions is primarily to heal hearts through therapy and counselling and to strengthen Families through education.


EOL: Why are organisations like Cedarcuble still necessary, despite all the agency help that is available out there?

IN: What I have found is that the agency help out there is not easily accessible to those that need them the most. I have required such help in my relationship but it hadn’t been readily accessible or affordable.


Secondly, a lot of the help that is already out there such as Refuge are for when the situation has reached crisis point and the aim is primarily to rehouse the victim and get them out of a violent situation. Cedarcube offers help at the level where there is still hope of restoring the relationship. We aim to be proactive to help high risk individuals and families, particularly those in hard to reach communities.


The aim of Cedarcube is not to replace the help out there but to work hand in hand with existing agencies in order to offer holistic help to victims.


EOL: You also say you aim to unveil the mask of ‘the unheard’ one by one, what do you mean by this?

IN: The subjects of domestic abuse is a taboo subject that no one wants to discuss.  However it’s present in all walks of life and socio-economic classes.  Some families are also know to follow a repetitive cycle for generations. It is also endemic and almost accepted in some cultures. It happens, but yet it is the unsaid dirty little secret that no one talks about. Unveiling this mask is about having open and honest dialogues that abuse exists in our societies, it is not going to go away and we need to be open and honest about it’s existence, it’s damaging effects and how we can deal with it!


EOL: The ‘Behind the Mask Experience’ evening sound like a fascinating  experience, tell us more?

IN: The Behind the mask experience will expand on the effects of abuse, from the experience of survivors. Cedarcube will also reveal what their solutions and offerings are to help the victims of abuse. We will also have fun fund raising events on the night, prize draws, a fashion show and auction featuring renowned designers.


There will be a three course gourmet dinner as well as wine, jazz music and other entertainment on the night. I forgot to add, it is also a masked ball with a black and gold theme which will make for awesome pictures!


EOL: Apart from supporting a worthy cause, why should people attend?

IN: People should attend to learn more about abuse so that they can be equipped to help themselves or those around them that may be suffering from abuse to get help. We want people to know that we are here and they can reach us.


EOL: Finally what are the future projects and objectives of your cause?

IN: Poor financial management and stress from lack of finances are often triggers for abuse in the home so we plan to run a goal setting and mindset makeover for couples in the new year.

We aim to run courses that will re-educate even the perpetrators about the harmful effects of their abusive behaviour and help them to stop as well as to offer holistic therapy and counselling to entire families affected by abuse and to provide subsidies for those who need the help but can’t afford it.


We also looking at running a healing retreat for domestic abuse survivors around August or September 2019.


27 October, Behind The Mask Experience, De Vere Theobalds Estate, Lieutenant Ellis Way,EN7 5HW, 6pm-12pm, £65+ Tickets https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/behind-the-mask-tickets-49765155921

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