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Business Finance Demystified! For Small Businesses Business Finance Demystified! For Small Businesses
Business Finance Demystified! For Small Businesses

If you’d like to feel in control of your business’s finances and sleep comfortably at night then this introductory course could be for you!


As a business owner it’s important that you get the financial reward for your hard work – which means understanding where it’s coming from and where it’s going to – and that means having a sound understanding of the basics of business finance. As a result you’ll know what’s going on in your business, be able to plan for the future and make better business decisions.


Learn the basics

This accessible and simple half-day course will give you a grounding in the basics of financial management, and demystify the key financial concepts, including:


  • profit and loss accounts – and how to interpret them
  • balance sheets – and what they mean
  • cashflow forecasts – and how to use them to sleep well at night
  • key ratios – and how to measure your financial performance


Get the information you need

Only you really understand the detail of your business and how it works – imagine if you also understood the story that the numbers were telling! That is a very powerful position to be in because you can then make far better decisions for the business than any external accountant or financial expert who’s just looking at the numbers.

To get really useful information you need to ask the right questions – during the session we will consider some of the questions that you may be asking yourself, such as:


  • how much cash does my business have – and is it enough?
  • how much is my business worth?
  • how profitable is my business?
  • where does the profit comes from?
  • where should I focus to improve profitability?
  • how could I save time, cost and energy without harming the business?
  • where should I invest to develop the business further?

If you’re fed up with working on a hunch and want to get on top of your business finances and stay in control then book onto this introductory course.

About the presenter

Andy Turnbull is a business coach and accountant who works with business owners to develop their potential and the potential of their business. He has been working with non-finance people to understand key finance concepts and apply them to their business for over 20 years. Andy is a qualified accountant and Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management.

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