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Seeds @ Soho Theatre (24 Mar-11 Apr)
On Michael Thomas’ birthday, his cake sits in his mother’s living room, its candles burning undisturbed. Jackie wants to clear... Read more
Pipline @ Arcola Theatre (26 March – 2 May 2020)
Nya teaches at an inner-city state school. Her only son Omari attends a private school upstate.  ... Read more
Daddy @ Almeida Theatre (30 March-9 May)
This Jeremy O. Harris’ play, which he wrote to get into grad school, explores the emotional vulnerability that not... Read more
Level Up @ Bush Theatre (1 May – 6 June)
If you had the chance to re-play your life, what would you do differently?   When Ezra... Read more
Three Sisters @ National Theatre Play Review
Conflicts resulting from ethnic division are unfortunately a common occurrence in Africa. Three Sisters focuses its attention on the Biafran... Read more
Cyrano De Bergerac @ Playhouse Theatre (Play Review)
Written by Edmond Rostand in 1897, the highly popular Cyrano de Bergerac is based on a historical... Read more
Fairview @ Young Vic (Play Review)
In a recent interview, when asked to summarise her Pulitzer winning drama ‘Fairview’, writer Jackie Sibble Drury was very coy... Read more
Candida @ Orange Tree Theatre (Play Review)
The Fabian Society is a British socialist organisation whose purpose is to advance the principles of democratic socialism via gradualist... Read more
Fairview @ Young Vic (28 Nov 2019 – 18 Jan 2020)
It’s Grandma’s birthday and the Frasier family have gathered to celebrate. Beverly just wants everything to run... Read more
Hunger @ Arcola Theatre (Play Review)
The bright lights and the promise of bountiful gainful employment have always been a lure for the young. In... Read more
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