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Debonaire Style – Dressing With Confidence Debonaire Style – Dressing With Confidence
Debonaire Style – Dressing With Confidence

Dressing for the elements is a matter of practicality this doesn’t mean however that you can’t be simultaneously stylish. All it means is that you have to be a bit more creatively when getting dressed in the morning to be both snuggly warm and fashionable.  Ebonyonline.net caught up with Deborah Headley of Debonaire Style to seek her wisdom on dressing with confidence, winter fashion, wardrobe detox and much more.


This lady certainly has an eye for style and flair as she’s being dispensing sound fashion advice to family, friends and clients for a number of years.


EO: It seems a lot a women in their 40s and 50s need advice and guidance on how to dress and feel good about themselves, why is that?

DH: Women in their 40’s and 50’s have been extremely busy with societal pressures and motherhood and have tried to keep their heads above water and please their children and families, thereby forgetting themselves.  Many women in that age group have been busy from bringing up their children to retraining for new careers and or developing themselves to progress  and have better lifestyles, hence neglecting themselves.


EO: Do you think these social media times we now live have a major effect on body confidence and image?

DH: I feel social media is putting a lot of pressure on that age group as the Millennials are more savvy with it hence leaving the 40s to 50 year olds struggling to keep up with the fast changing mediums.


EO: So what are some of the ways you help women regain their body confidence?

DH: Debonaire Style reassures them by looking at and identifying their assets or their best features and dressing to accentuate and bring attention to that focal point.   We emphasise and reiterate our motto which is… “You don’t have to be in style to be stylish”.     We show them how they can create their own style and stand out in a crowd without losing their identity.


EO: Give us 4-5 tips women in this category can keep warm yet stylish during the winter months ahead?

DH: My tips would depend on the body shape of the person I am working with.


For the slimmer figure…

A polo neck with a chunky jumper and a stylish scarf to accentuate the colours.


For a fuller figure with a coat which does not put emphasis on the body shape and use a coat with matching fur scarf or collar

Over the knee boots with a long sweater and a hat and matching scarf.


A coat unbuttoned and contrasting the colours of a cashmere jumper and jeans with boots and a quirky hand bag.


EO: What are some of your winter no-no’s or fauxpas?

DH: As we are focussing on the 40s to 50’s age group…


Leggings should be for indoors to snuggle up on the sofa


Patterned tights with a short dress …we are past it and it’s not classy.


The wrong colours, especially white trousers.


EO: Even though it’s winter, many women like to prepare for the spring season by doing a winter wardrobe detox. What’s your advice on this process i.e. what to keep, throw away or put on EBay?

DH: Plan ahead and give yourself enough time.    We have clothes in our wardrobes which can be restyled to look more stylish the following winter or may be timeless and would look good year after year.


Think about what makes you feel good and empowered when you wear it.  It can be accentuated during the spring and can fit with your present style.


Choose the clothes you have not worn for a while.


Quality and expensive pieces can be resold on eBay or given to charity


EO: Finally write a succinct 2-3 sentence bio about your services for our readers.

DH: Debonaire Style provides a service to women in their 40’s and 50’s who have lost their inner confidence and self-esteem and want to once again feel renewed and good about themselves.  We teach them how to dress to enhance their body shapes, wear colours with confidence and simply look good and feel great.


We are presently offering a 30% introductory offer to Ebonyonline.net readers to all of our services.

Personal Styling

Personal Shopping

Wardrobe Makeovers

Colour Analysis

Confidence with style workshops (which will start in Spring 2018).


For more information visit www.debonairestyle.co.uk.

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