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Money Mob at the Karibu Centre Money Mob at the Karibu Centre
Money Mob at the Karibu Centre

#Money Mob is the buy black, crowd purchasing ,crowd funding movement. We have been targeting Black Businesses and providing our support for about a year.



In that year we have #Money Mobbed shops , supermarkets , restaurants throughout London. As well as supporting cultural shows, pop-up markets and assisted in crowdfunding campaigns for large festivals in the capital.



We have also had a chance to feature local businesses on our very own Money Mob TV. Interviewing directors, entrepreneurs and CEOs – giving us the human story, as well as the methods they have employed to keep their business ticking.



The #MoneyMob Launch celebration!



This coming Saturday, they will be celebrating their first anniversary at the Karibu Centre, a building associated with many many black centred initiatives.



On the ground floor will be the Money Mob market which will be showcasing black businesses and services. On sale will be food, jewellery, clothing, hair, skin products, toys and much more. There will also have a business health clinic and book signings. The Money Mob Market is Free!



The first floor will be dedicated to a series of #MoneyMob seminars and workshops. Examples include building your business from the ground up, preparing your for growth, using your gifts to grow your business, visual and video branding to name but a few.



Entry for these events is £6, OAP’s & Children under 12 are free.



Come and become part of the Black Economics.



What: Money Mob Official Launch

When: 6 May Price: Various

Where: Karibu Centre, SW9 7PH

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