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Moorish Bazzar – 2017 Moorish Bazzar – 2017
Moorish Bazzar – 2017

An all-day cultural fair for all the family from all ethnic diversities to experience (black) culture and enjoyed by all.  The Moorish Bazaar: Spring 2017 consists of 50 stalls offering a wide range of products. For example you can sample delicacies from across the Caribbean cuisines from the African continent. A wide range of vegan dishes will also be available.

There will be other stalls offer arts & crafts/ fashion and accessories inspired by our motherland, crystals, knowledge books, natural skincare products, alternative health & wellbeing goods/ services as well as advice & helpful info on self, health and wealth.

Along with amazing dining and shopping experience, there will be live entertainment by exciting up and  coming conscious musicians, spoken word, social speakers, dancers, and DJs providing non-stop music throughout the day.


Bazaars were large stock trading centres going back to before the millennia where vast trade routes spawning out of Africa. They were a major contribution to the emergence of large cities like Baghdad, Cairo, Timbuktu and the rising of empires along its trade routes. Recollecting the forgotten golden era of ‘ourstory’.


There are critical needs and demand for the black community to create an economic foundation. By providing a platform for networking and enterprising opportunities among entrepreneurs, talent scouts, merchants, craftsmen/ women, artists for and from the black community, we aim to encourage unity, growth, and to establish a sustainable economic foundation for the black community in which every pound spent will remain there for longer than 6 hours.


As the black community continually supports other communities, this event provides an opportunity for all other communities to support it in a way that benefits the black community economically​​.


Article abridged from Facebook post by Niko Dey

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