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ProTress – Hair Loss Prevention Products ProTress – Hair Loss Prevention Products
    Do you want to stop your hair from falling... ProTress – Hair Loss Prevention Products



Do you want to stop your hair from falling out or breaking? Would you like strong healthier hair whilst still maintaining length? If you answer is yes to these questions, then ProTress hair care products could be your answer. Ebonyonline.net caught up with Lianne Burney the passionate founder behind this fast growing brand to talk hair, scalp and winter diets.


EOL: Tell us how you got into the hair care business? What need did you want to fulfil?

LB: I got into the hair care business because a) I wasn’t satisfied with the products that were on the market b) I was fed up of going through the continuous cycle of hair breakage. I would relax my hair, it would get to a certain length, then break again.


I always seemed to be starting from scratch with my hair and there wasn’t a product on the market that could prevent this from happening, which is why I developed ProTress Essential Scalp Therapy Energising Shampoo and Lotion. I have a MA in Economics from the University of St. Andrews (the same University that Prince William went to at the same time lol) and I’ve always been in business, so I enjoy research and solving problems and hair loss was a problem I could solve. quick dry


EOL: What are the two main hair and scalp issues that women of colour suffer and why?

LB: Firstly, women with afro hair usually don’t know how to style and manage their natural hair so they put it in braids, weaves or dreadlocks, or relax it to make it more manageable.


Secondly, such styling can cause a form of hair loss called traction aopecia. This is important so before you read any further, get a pen and write this down because I really want women with afro hair to digest this.


Symptoms of traction alopecia include edges falling out, a receding hair line, and thinning or balding around parts of the scalp where the most tension/pulling has been applied to the hair due to styling techniques such as tight braids, weaves, dreadlocks and ponytails.


Hairstyles which defy the natural curls/kink of afro hair through straightening, pulling and braiding can cause the hair bulb to gradually separate from the hair follicle, causing sustained hair loss. I’m really trying to get this message out there because so many women with afro hair are suffering from Traction alopecia and don’t even know it.


EOL: Briefly explain how your scalp therapy works and what makes it so effective?

LB: The ProTress Essential Scalp Therapy Energising Shampoo and Lotion is so effective because the mechanics of it it is grounded in science. I researched the science of hair and created a product that works in tandem with the hair growth cycle.


The shampoo contains Rosemary, Nettle and Passionflower. Nettle is a natural remedy for preventing balding and rosemary stimulates the scalp, increasing blood flow around the scalp, also known as micro circulation. Hair grows when blood circulates around the scalp, passing nutrients and oxygen to the hair bulb – forming hair.


Rosemary helps this process along. The Lotion contains the patented Si MATRIX PF which contains all the nutrients that your hair needs to grow, whilst purifying the scalp and revitalising hair follicles which stimulates hair growth.nail file


EOL: You’ve had a lot of great reviews for your products, what is that people seem to like about them?

LB: The fact that it works and their hair starts to grow again is the main thing. ProTress customers also like the fact it’s so simple and quick to use, they just need to wash their hair, then apply the lotion. Customers often coo about the smell, which is clean and fresh with a hint of Rosemary.


The product is changing the life’s of women and men, because hair is attached to your self-esteem, so if you loose your hair, it’s a major blow to your confidence. Once the hair starts to grow back with ProTress, confidence improves and people feel a lot better about themselves, ‘because hair isn’t optional’.


EOL: Why is it important for women to pay careful attention to their scalp?

LB: What you put on your scalp ends up in your blood stream. So, if you’re putting product on your scalp that contains toxic chemicals, not only are you damaging your hair and scalp, but your over all health.


Keeping your scalp healthy, through frequent washing (this stops the sebaceous glandes from becoming blocked and hydrates your hair) and being mindful of the products your using and how you are styling your hair will create a healthy clean scalp from which your hair can flourish and grow.


EOL: Do you have any other innovative products in the pipeline?

LB: I’m in the process of developing some products that I plan to launch next year.


EOL: How important is diet hair and scalp health?

LB: Diet is important for hair growth because what you eat can end up in the blood stream which can affect the health of your hair bulb and the ability to make hair. For example, if you have a diet that is rich in protein, this will be great for your hair because hair is basically protein cells. So, if you can get protein into your diet, that nutrient will be in your blood stream and passed to the hair bulb to form hair.


EOL: Finally, we’re approaching winter, what are your three nuggets of advice for keeping hair in great condition?

LB: My first tip is to use ProTress because it strengthens hair, makes it thick and improves growth. Who doesn’t want thicker, stronger, longer hair?


Secondly, try to eat well to ensure that your blood steam will have the necessary nutrients to formulate hair cells that are strong and healthy.


Lastly, try to keep your hair hydrated by washing it at least once a week.


Meet Lianne and the ProTress team at the next Black Business Networking and Growth London (BNGL) taking place on 25 September 2018, at We Work, Aldgate East, E1 8FA from 6-9pm. For FREE tickets to the event visit https://ebonyonline.net/tickets

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