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Queen Afua – A life of health and wellness Queen Afua – A life of health and wellness
Queen Afua – A life of health and wellness

“The best cure is prevention. Don’t wait until there’s a crisis before you start taking action on your health and wellness. Self-care is health care.” —Queen Afua



In the world of natural health and holistic wellness, Queen Afua is a household name. She is an internationally recognised best-selling author, holistic wellness entrepreneur and a highly sought after natural health practitioner. She is committed to inspiring and informing global wellness through teaching, practice and products. Her passion for holistic wellness has spurred her to set up a robust wellness empire that includes; The Queen Afua Wellness Institute, The City of Wellness Society, and her signature Heal Thyself and Sacred Spirit product lines.



With well over 40 years’ experience as a holistic health practitioner and a wellness coach, Queen Afua is a pioneer of the green food movement, authoring 6 books in the process. She has further shared her sacred tools for living in the 21st century through essays and articles published in different international newspapers and magazines.



One of her many famous quotes include “I have the power to create in my life what I want and need. Purification of mind, body and spirit is the key. Within this natural way of living and being, I choose not to cut, nor radiate, or drug my disease away. Instead I wash, pray, fast and bless my dis-ease away.”



Queen Afua is a highly sought after speaker, whose health and wellness message has seen her grace platforms like speaking at NASA, the National Coalition of 100 Black Women and to audiences in the Virgin Islands, Canada and Europe at large.  Queen Afua’s experience has endeared her to the heart of many of her clientele among whom are celebrities like; Stevie Wonder, Iyanla Vanzant, Erykah Badu, John Amos, Vanessa Williams and Hazelle Goodman.



Queen Afua today, continues to promote health and wellness through proven strategies that inspire longevity. She points out the need to educate people on sugar addiction, learn more about detox and identify ways to cut back on sugar consumption.


She has devoted her life to fighting the alarming rates of hysterectomies, fibroids, hypertension, and other diseases by teaching people how to understand and utilise the power of food, self-care and empowering lifestyle based on holistic healthy choices.



Queen Afua in the course of her career, has guided men and women from around the world on a holistic transformation journey through the Global City of Wellness, a set of schools with a curriculum to instruct individuals and train leaders in principles for achieving personal and global optimal wellness. She has further inspired more than 1,000,000 people throughout the world with her workshops, books, products, and presentations.



She is also noted for saying “There is a cosmic conversion going on within you, but you have to be quiet to hear this sweet language of the unspoken”



In 1995, she created the Sacred Woman Global Village, a place where women connect with each other to learn principles that will help them gain more relevance. This Village plays host to the Sacred Woman Program, a 12-weeks rite of passage program that is designed to empower women with practical tools for holistic well-being rooted in ancient African cultural teaching and practices. The testimony of participants further endorses the good work of Queen Afua.



Finally, Queen Afua’s much talked about 21 Day Detox, and Rejuvenation Program has been clinically tried and tested in partnerships with medical doctors to show proven results in lowered blood pressure, decrease in medication dosage, and weight loss.


To this end, Queen Afua will take your awareness about natural health and wellbeing to another level.



See her in London 14 May at the Tabernacle Powis Square, W11 Click here for more details.

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