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The UK Black Business Show (14 Oct) The UK Black Business Show (14 Oct)
The UK Black Business Show (14 Oct)

This event was created to inspire and connect black business owners and professionals working in various industries. Through business exhibitions, deep-dive workshops, interactive panels and seminars, delivered by industry pioneers, this event hopes to enable personal, professional and corporate development.


It has been often said that the black pound stays for only a short time within our communities and also it is only recycled a few times.  Research upon research has shown that the economic state of a community is partially related to the amount of money spent in the businesses within it. We mustn’t complain about our communities if we are not consciously making an effort to put money back into our communities.


This event hopes to go some way to changing this mindset. One of its aims is to promote economic growth in our communities and encourage the development of future generations of black entrepreneurs.


Additionally the event will highlight the achievements and contributions black businesses have made to the general economy and beyond.


Benefits of delegates attending include:

  • An unrivalled experience, in which attendees can connect with professionals and businesses across several industries for knowledge-sharing, networking and inspiration.
  • Hear and learn from the stories and experiences of successful women and men in business Gaining practical knowledge and skills through in-depth workshops, seminars and talks designed to advance and develop their soft skills.
  • For exhibitors there are several reasons to be at this exciting event and some those are it could help raise their profile as a diverse and forward-thinking business  as well as give them the opportunity to showcase their products and services to a large and engaged audience.


Readers can also take the conversation online on Twitter, Instagram etc by using hashtags #UKBBS2017.


Where: The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, SW1P 3EE on 14 October.  Click here for ticket information and details.

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