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Twinkle For the Camera – Video Skills for Business Promotion (Review) Twinkle For the Camera – Video Skills for Business Promotion (Review)
Twinkle For the Camera – Video Skills for Business Promotion (Review)

Do you know how to talk to a camera and present yourself and your business professionally online?


Latest research shows that:
Most company decision makers would rather watch a video than read an article or a blog.
YouTube reaches more 18-49 year olds than any TV network
Customers are more likely to buy after watching a video about your product or service
Video on your website more than double your conversion rate


TV News London’s Managing Director Roz Morris a former BBC and ITV presenter and leading media trainer, invited Ebonyonline.net to attend one of her Twinkle for the Camera half day video skills for business promotion training courses.


After being introduced to the other fellow delegates we were given some very insightful statistics on the massive growth of videos for business promotion, lead generation and sales.


We were then shown a series of poor as well executed Youtube videos through which we learnt the dos and don’ts of videos production and best practises for creating that perfect shoot.


There followed a detailed session on scripting, lighting, framing, sound, composition and other relevant technical issues necessary for a quality video.


We were introduced to the concept of the ‘Rule of Thirds’ whereby you imagine your shot is divided into nine equal sectors, where the ‘eyeline’ is when looking at the lens and other very useful tips for ensuring a professional  end product.


After a short break it was practice time. We were each given around five minutes to write, prepare and rehearse our first one-minute video introducing our business. It seemed at first a daunting task but we all managed it.


We were shown various methods of recording from our phones using a standard selfie stick, a normal tripod a couple of wobbly but extremely versatile tripods that could fold and fit into a small bag or even your pocket.


After recording our first videos were given valuable feedback and advice on performance (I was a little bit too formal and needed more energy), scripting and other technical aspects of a good shoot.


We then took on-board these comments in producing our second version of our business message, which were much better all round. It was amazing what a little advice and technical knowledge can produce. We were all truly surprised at the quality and polished video we were each able to produce.


The afternoon was rounded off with us recording our message again this time via a professional video camera, where we learnt more about the ‘eyeline’ and the technical aspects related to using this piece of costly hi-tec equipment.


It was a truly worthwhile and amazingly productive afternoon. I came away the confidence to record myself on video as well as with a deeper understanding of the technical aspects involved in executing an engaging and professional quality video.


If you want to learn how to create professional looking videos at a fraction of the cost then we highly recommend this course. Roz and her team are brilliant tutors, eager to explain all the technicalities to us novices with care and attention.


Upcoming Twinkle Dates: Friday June 21st 2019 
Half Day Training Course 0900 – 1300
Central London Venue
Visit http://tvnewslondon.co.uk/ for details

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