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10th Black Market and Film Festival
Curated by Black History Studies the tenth Black Market & Film Festival is an event to showcase, expose and connect Black... Read more
Queen Afua – holistic health practitioner in London
African Ignited presents Queen Afua at the Tabernacle, London. With over 40 years of experience as a holistic health practitioner... Read more
Black Community Property Ownership – Let’s Get It Together
How important is it for us as Afrikans to own property? Come along to meet Darren Louis and hear hime... Read more
Invest in Yourself and Your Family
As we all know it’s very important for us to take time out and look at investments. Planning for the... Read more
Spring Variety Talent Showcase
The house of Amau in conjuction with Hackney Attic will be holding a spring talent showcase. In conversation will be... Read more