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Britain’s Got Fashion Play (24-25 Aug) Britain’s Got Fashion Play (24-25 Aug)
Britain’s Got Fashion Play (24-25 Aug)

Did you know that the second episode of last season of Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) was watched by over 9.2 million people or that the show’s creator Simon Cowell has net worth of over £300 million pounds? Such is the popularity of this TV format, that the all-female ensemble Get Over It Productions has resurrected it for their latest production Britain’s Got Fashion.


From the pen of David Bottomley the play centres on how six strong, ambitious women – all desperate for fame and celebrity lifestyles -survive spending a day together, filming a live daytime TV fashion show in a London shopping mall.


This  heady battling and brooding mix consists of TV producer, Gillian hires veteran former supermodel, Gabriella as host for the show. Plus size Candy Peel, who is trying to keep the show on track, aspiring 16 year and model Leanne at 16, starving herself to point of collapse. Then there is Monoco, an airhead C list “Celeb” is determined to steal the limelight from Olufamba (read interview below) a disgruntled fashion designer who suspects she’s only there as the ‘token’ Black person. How do they fare when the outside world threatens to blow their facile dreams apart.


Playing as part of the Camden Festival, which features 270+ productions in over 22 venues, BGT promises to be a laugh out loud yet poignant insight into society’s current obsession with fame and the social media driven celebrity lifestyle that is now part of the modern youth.


In a recent survey fame was the number one value communicated to preteens on popular TV. In the 21st century, TV content socialises children more than at any other point in its history.


The play explores the dangers and flaws in pursuing fame for its own sake. It seeks to show that hard work, persistence and effort are gateways to success and super stardom. However as the pursuit of fame is embedded in the fabric of our society, the play serves as a timely reminder for parents and all alike the price that we all pay for fame.


Specialising mainly in producing quirky, sell-out, all-female versions of Shakespeare, Get Over It Productions headed by Paula Benson and Velelzia Speapoint are now branching out and taking on more contemporary issues. Look out for more exciting productions from the group in the near future.


24-25 Aug, The Cockpit Theatre, Gateforth Street, NW8 8EH @ 9pm £8-£10 www.thecockpit.org.uk for ticket info.


Click here to read interview with Melanie Gayle who play Olufamba.

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