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Cardi B Cardi B
Cardi B

Cardi B is coming to London! Come see the social media turned rapper icon Cardi B, also known as Belcalis Almanzar, is taking her various talents and music to England! A black community inspiration, Cardi B is ready to show England what she is all about. Come catch the ‘Love and Hip-Hop in New York star live at KoKo. Born in The Bronx, Cardi B originally had big plans, getting accepted into college.


However, after a deep look inside her soul Cardi B realized she wanted something more and she decided to go for fame, inserting herself in the industry of fame through erotica dancing. Her exotic dancing brought her various opportunities and network connections. Around the age of 23 she was able to quit her life as a dancer and take on acting full blast. She quit to become a leader and inspiration for women, she actively speaks out against domestic violence and adulterating activities. She finally landed a monster gig with Love and Hip-Hop and never looked back.


Cardi B follows a “just be yourself” mantra that has lead to strong language she uses to challenge the mind of her followers and fans. This honest and genuine attitude has earned her over 6.5 million loyal followers on instagram. She has evolved from stripper to actress, social media icon, rapper, activist, and even comedian. She juggles multiple roles masterfully, making her a must see entertainer when she arrives. If you are close to London, it would be a tragedy to miss a talent as strong as Cardi B.



Cardi B has morphed all her talents into one to channel her rapping abilites. The influences in her work are obvious from her past experience and roles she has played. Rapping about stripping, fake friends, and offering insightful views and honesty in her life and her opinions. Her music and stage presence is explosive, entertaining guests of all ages. She uses her past performing experiences to deliver memorable sets, and is ready to set the KoKo off!


If you have a care-free spirit, and are someone who doesn’t let words deter their dreams and goals, seeing Cardi B is a much. A strong female rapper with ‘controversial’ messages and confidence that delivers in her gigs, Cardi B will leave you feeling empowered and ready to get your groove on. Her efforts to get to where she is was not conventional, but she has proven you can get anywhere if you work hard and ignore labels.


New fans, and Cardi B loyalists now have a once in a lifetime chance to see and hear Cardi B live. Her powerful messages, exciting and daring lyrics, and her comedic side will leave you breathless and wanting more. Take the opportunity and come join us at London’s premium KoKo venue. The black rapper, comedian, and personality is a must see when she is in town, and this is your big chance.


Where: KoKO   When: 17th April  Click here for more details

Cardi B

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