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Dee, Myself and I (25-26 Sept) Dee, Myself and I (25-26 Sept)
Dee, Myself and I (25-26 Sept)

Dee, Myself and I tells the story of a young woman named Thea, who is finding it difficult to cope with everyday life when Dee enters her life. Thea’s internal battle is played out before the audience as Dee tries to infiltrate every aspect of who she is.


Exploring the often taboo subjects of mental illness and depression, this play unapologetically tackles these issues in an all too real way.


The entire cast and crew are young and the script was written with young people in mind, it perfectly captures the feeling of what it is like to feel hopeless when the world is telling you to feel otherwise.


Stephanie Fynn and Princess McDonnough founded Women In Black productions in 2016, with the aim of creating stage and screen jobs for BAME actors – with a special focus on women.


Performed by the crew of Women In Black and their contemporaries, this show aims to talk to young people in a way that they will understand.


In their own words Dee, Myself and I is ‘calling depression out for the bitch she really is.’ Don’t miss this very relevant play of our times.


The writer Rosie Murchison joined them this year, to create the screenplay ‘Dee, Myself and I’. Teaming up with Reflection Theatre, the company will debut their show later this month. They are hoping to see success with it here and then take it to theatre festivals next year.


Dee, Myself and I plays at Theatre 503 in Battersea 25-26 Sept. 7.45pm £10-£12 conc. Visit https://theatre503.com/whats-on/dee-myself-and-i/ for details.

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