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Eek A Mouse Live in London Eek A Mouse Live in London
Eek A Mouse Live in London

If I sang you the lyrics ‘A wa do dem? A wa do dem dem dem?’ Which artist would immediately spring to mind? Yes it could only be the one and only Eek A Mouse.


Ludicrous, bizarre and uniquely original, few entertainers have had such a profound effect on the reggae dancehall scene as Eek A Mouse.


Revered for his wit and humour, biting social commentary and infectious energy, Eek A Mouse became a household name in Jamaica through his signature vocal style called ‘sing jaying’ a combination of toasting and singing with a strong percussive element.


Who can forget tunes like wonderfully playful “Peeni Walli” or the anthemic “Wa -Do-Dem” a song that permanently etched his vocal zeal into reggae history or the rousing “Ganja Smuggling”.
If you want to relive those heady 80s and 90s reggae dancehall days then head down to West London and catch the great man is a special one-off show.




Eek A Mouse’s style is just plain fun to hear that audiences around the world are left in awe at his amazing high-pitched vocal abilities, a skill that truly sets him apart from his peers.
The 1988 album Eek-A-Nomics gained him international acclaim, spawning a hit with “The Freak” a version of the Adams Family theme song. His 1991 U-Neek album, continued to pollinate rock with reggae, including a cover version of Led Zeppelin’s “D Yer Maker” and also the hit single “You are the one I need”.


Come and witness one of the original ‘dons’ of dancehall scene live and direct, performing some of his massive, massive classics like “Terrorists in the City” “Anarexol” “Virgin Girl” “Noah’s Ark” more in a night of pure nostalgic reggae music.


Eek A Mouse, 5 Oct, Subteranea, 12 Acklam Rd, W10 5QS, 7-11pm For tickets www.seetickets.com

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