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This week we are in the company Patricia Benjamin, Patricia is an international lifestyle coach, award winning media personality, public speaker, ordained minister and published author whose passion is to help women to bring out their fabulousness.



Welcome Patricia, before we get into the ‘MyDesertIslandLondon101’ part of the interview, we’d like to just ask you a few questions about your event Highly Fabulous Women, your life coaching business and your passion for helping women from all walks of life



EOL: Your Highly Fabulous Event at Strand Palace Hotel on the 27th May is called Step Up and Step Out, why is it called this and tell us a bit more about the event itself.



PB: I want every woman who comes to know it’s time for her to step up in her life. Once she has done that then she must step out. Never be mediocre in what you do. Go for it 100%. Don’t be afraid to stand out instead of blending in.



EOL: You’ve got an awesome line up of powerful and engaging women, tell us about them and also how you managed to snag DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good, Hollywood’s power couple?



PB: Well DeVon and I have been following each other on social media for a couple years now and I love what he puts out and knew he would come and drop some serious knowledge on relationships along with his beautiful wife Meagan. I was humbled when he accepted my invitation.



I also chose each speaker very carefully for their expertise and their approach. The Conference is going to be very real and bring up real situations women face in their relationships, their careers as well as in their personal quest for life. Therefore I wanted people that would draw on actual life experience and not something they had read about in a book. However as well as life experience they are all professionals and absolutely qualified for the task.



EOL: So what can the Highly Fabulous attendees expect on the day?



PB: It’s going to be a lot. They are going to experience what being highly fabulous looks and feels like for their businesses, their love lives, and the very way they view themselves innately. It’s no exaggeration to say it will be life changing. It will be a very experiential day for every woman in attendance.



EOL: Apart from being a radio personality, you are trained life coach. What led you to this path and what impact do you hope to make in women’s lives?



PB: I spent over a decade in pastoral ministry and recognised that we need to engage with people in a more holistic way. Life coaching allowed me to do this. I find it completely fulfilling.



EOL: What are some of life’s lesson about love, life, family and faith that you’ve learnt now that you’ve recently entered your 5th decade (your words)?



PB: 1. Life truly is a journey and personal growth makes all the difference. The quicker we learn the lessons along the way the more powerful and purposeful we become in all these areas. 2) Relating to other people is essential. We all need each other. We are all truly interdependent and together are always stronger. 3) Faith is the victory that overcomes everything.


EOL: Let’s turn to your radio shows now. Why should listeners tune into ‘Ask Patricia’ or your ‘Real Love’ shows? What can they expect from them?



PB: Both these shows inspire you and build you up. Ask Patricia Show speaks to purpose living, entrepreneurship, faith and spirituality whereas the Real Love Show centres on love, sex, relationships, family and related topics. Find both on iTunes



EOL: Who have been your most powerful influences in your spiritual and faithful path?



PB: Kenneth Hagin, Aimee Semple McPherson, Prince



EOL: Finally complete the sentence: Readers, you need to be at Highly Fabulous 2017….



PB: If you’re ready to step up and do what you we’re born to do. If you don’t, who will? Don’t cheat your destiny.


EOL: So we now come to ‘My Desert Island London Dinner’ the second part of the interview. It’s where we ask about your musical memories, being stuck on Desert Island, what you’d do if you were Mayor of London and who’d be at your party and more.



EOL: What songs is the soundtrack of your school days or student years?



PB: Soon and Very Soon by Andrae Crouch, 12th of Never by Donny Osmond, When Will I see you again – Three Degrees and One Day I’ll Fly Away by Randy Crawford.



EOL: What song(s) remind you most about your family or children?



PB: High by Lighthouse Family



EOL: Complete the sentence ‘London cyclists should be…



PB: More careful and stick to the Highway Code at all times.



EOL: Describe your perfect London day from morning to night?



PB: Breakfast at The Ritz with my husband. Shopping in Sloane Square with my daughter.

Massage and pedicure with my daughter. Lunch at The Ivy with all my family.

Movie in the afternoon on my own. Dinner with girlfriends at the Sanderson Hotel.

Back home to relaxing with music and a glass of something smooth, check any social media and then back to the music which will be Prince of course.



EOL: Excluding Barak, Michelle Obama, which three people would be at the top of your dinner party list and why?



PB: Prince as I consider him very fascinating and would love to discuss his views on life, God and spirituality.

Maya Angelou, Love her wisdom on life and rising and triumphing over circumstances.

My great grandmother, for her memories of growing up in the 1800s and what life was like not that far back for a woman of colour. I want to see how my life could have been if I was born then.



EOL: Finally two items would you take to your desert island and why?


PB: My phone with everything downloaded I need. A portable Wi-Fi that works


EOL: Your life in a hash tag?


PB: #highlyfab



Patricia Benjamin is a highly sought after lifestyle coach, radio presenter and founder of Highly Fabulous Women’s International Conferences. You can reach out to her on Twitter at @IamAskPatricia or on Facebook.


What: Highly Fabulous Women’s Conference

When: Sunday 28 May 2017 

Where: Strand Palace Hotel, WC2R 0JJ, 12.30pm

Click here to book tickets for the conference.

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