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Hoochie Koochie (1-13 Aug Hoochie Koochie (1-13 Aug
Hoochie Koochie (1-13 Aug

In 1999 Trajal Harrell performed at Judson Church in New York, a three minute piece in which Harrell walked, paused and gazed, while a small CD player was playing Yazoo’s Ode to Boy. This marked the beginning of the artist’s ongoing exploration of hypothetical hybrid of movements among postmodern dance, fashion and voguing.



Trajal Harrell and eighteen dancers, showcase 14 of his innovative and playful works. Visitors are able to weave through these live performances. Emotional and exhilarating, the performances explore ideas around the body, gender, race, sexuality and culture. Hoochie Koochie includes nudity, as well as some explicit imagery.



Before coming to New York in 1998, Harrell enrolled in a drama club in junior high and high school in his hometown in Georgia, USA. He then went to Yale where he was involved in drama and theatre, but he soon realized that he wanted to work through his body rather than speak on stage; so he started studying dance.



Parental guidance advised. Under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult.

Barbican, EC2Y 8DS 6pm/9pm £10+ www.barbican.org.uk

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