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It Tastes Like Home – Play (13-15 Oct) It Tastes Like Home – Play (13-15 Oct)
It Tastes Like Home – Play (13-15 Oct)

Set in modern day London, this inventive and exploratory production is an examination of what it is like to be an immigrant in Britain, and what it’s like for the first-generation children who live within two cultures simultaneously.


Played by a diverse cast of seven, it examines the unfolding love story between British Jamaican, Camilla and Yi of Chinese descent. As their tentative relationship evolves, can they balance their two worlds of family, culture and values?


It is a genuine representation of what it feels like to be ‘Other’ in the place of your birth, and a comedic journey through the two very different and divergent cultures.


Backed by a soundtrack fused with reggae and Chinese influences, this  unique and feel-good multicultural musical explores what ‘home’ looks like when you come from another place  and whether two cultures can ever really be in harmony when it comes to beliefs, identity but most importantly food.


Divergent Theatre Collective aims to explore and expose contemporary social and political issues. We aim to tell diverse stories relevant today, yet with universal themes and produce theatre that delights, unlock minds, amuse and inspires. The company also encourages emerging creatives & performers from different cultures and art forms to collaborate. Visit
https://www.facebook.com/DivergentTheatreCollective/ for more information about the company.


13-15 Oct The Bread & Roses Theatre, 7pm, 68 Clapham Manor Street, SW4 6DZ For tickets visit http://www.claphamfringe.com/it-tastes-like-home.html

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