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Melanin and Science of Black Genetics ( Culture Interview) Melanin and Science of Black Genetics ( Culture Interview)
Melanin and Science of Black Genetics ( Culture Interview)

In humans, melanin is the primary determinant of skin and hair colour. However, it is a little know fact that this ubiquitous pigment is found in almost every organ of the body as well as being necessary for the brain and nerves to function, for eyes to see, and the cells to reproduce.


Melanin is also politically charged. Who can forget the ‘Black is Beautiful slogan of the 60s. Driven by a self pride cultural movement started by African Americans spearheaded by the Black conscious writing of South African political activist Steve Biko that spread to Africans in the Diaspora.


This sense of self pride is however tempered by the multibillion pound skin bleaching industry. Where African (primarily women) on the continent and beyond are told that whitening is damaging and even illegal yet are bombarded with messages some not even subtle or subliminal that tell that white or light skin is the pinnacle of beauty.


This conundrum and concept of black as a racial definition and what makes Black people unique is what community activist hopes to explore and answer in his Science of Melanin and Black Genetics course.


In a series of interactive and enlightening workshops, delegates will learn more about the biological matter responsible for genetic memories and mutations. They will also be given a clear map of the biological pathway to our experiences as humans, therefore uprooting the triggers of negative behaviours.


Ebonyonline.net caught up with course facilitator Jo Dash, for a deep deep conversation about what inspired him to develop the workshops, black genetics, melanin ideology in the Trump era and more.


EO: How did you become interested in melanin and other cellular properties that make Africans unique?
JD: I was in the US with my uncle and I overheard some brothers who belonged to the Moors society talking about the black man is god. My whole life changed that day, I starting studying my existence at 16 and I was always great at science so I naturally leaned more to the melanin biology.


EO: Give us an overview, what are the main topics and learning outcome?
JD: The course is about the whole dynamics of melanin and its importance to our existence. Melanin is the bridge between us and the creator, so the course is heavily based on science and a bit of metaphysics. We split the course into beginners and intermediate to cater to whatever level the individual is at. It’s very interactive and we tend to have lots of fun learning with science games and quizzes.


There are no main topics; however we do cover multiple significant topics to make up a 12 week transformational programme. Some of the topics are:


  • The study of the black cell – understanding the black cell which is never talked about in Science
  • Sunlight radiation – understanding the relationship between melanin and sunlight radiation
  • Pineal gland – discovering the true nature of the pineal gland, as the first not third eye
  • Light body – learning to perceive melanin as light body carrier.


EO: Expand a little about Black genetics. How does it differ significantly from white or Caucasian genetics?
JD: An interesting way to put it is that the general public has no idea about black people’s biology. Everything you have learnt in the western institution about biology is purely based on the Caucasian anatomy. When you look at black biology you are dealing with how melanin operates in this physical realm.


A major difference is black genes are much more ancient, but what I found exciting about that is our genetics deals with light and we are light beings. This means our gene code has no limitation and we produce every human phenotype on the planet and we are the only ones who existed before this reality.


EO: Are you able to explain how Black genetics led to creation of the white race?
JD: There are many compelling theories about this that have a good amount of scientific credibility but non absolute in its conclusion. What the leading theory suggests is that horizontal gene transfer may have been in play here where we grafted one species in order to make them manlike hence the term mankind is different from man. I will reserve further deep analysis for the course as a surprise for people.


EO: Melanin is found in almost every organ of the body. Tell us few more fascinating facts about melanin?
JD: Melanin is also responsible for how you love, who you love, how you see yourself, how you show compassion, the way you think, relate to people, feel good or bad etc. This is why we say the more concentrated your melanin is the more civilized and closer to nature you can be because you are the connector to all that is.


EO: How in your view has melanin and black genetics being politicised especially as we move through the Trump era?
JD: It’s not talked about at all in mainstream because any idea that melanin is more than protecting you from the sun is often seen as conspiracy. As a community and as people in general we are more aware of things and have taken steps to learn or shed light as we are right now.

Art of distraction is the last stand for the elite and as long as we are paying attention to meaningless things we overlook the wealth of our melanin. Melanin is being traded on the stock market at over $300 and somehow we don’t know the value of our existence because we were born this way so we overlook how important it is.


The science noble prize winners last year where based on melanin research/carbon, which will suggest a major breakthrough in our biology and most black people are unaware. In other words if white people talk about melanin then it is considered a major breakthrough. However, if we talk about melanin it’s pretty much seen as lacking in scientific credibility.


EO: Tell us a about your background in the field community activism?
JD: I love being black all this sauce how can we not represent to the fullest. I was born in Sierra Leone and raised in Hackney I co own a publishing company with Peers Music and label deal with Ditto Music. Black genetics comes purely from a passion spanning over 14 years of study and research.


I belong to Centre of Pan-African Thought. I have always fought for black culture in the music industry and in the community, I am a public speaker and always did speaking and motivation to push the black excellence agenda. In the future I hope to help build more Pan African institutions and I hope to build the first science lab to carry out first hand research of melanin as it relates to health and well being.


EO: What’s the future for Black genetics and potential mutations?
JD: Can’t give it all away, however we are running out of time and we need to get our melanin in check both physical and metaphysical. What I will leave you with is that whole new waves of beings are going to come into existence and artificial melanin will be the new science moving forward. I like to call these new beings “The others”.

EO: Finally, what will delegates gain from the course?
JD: First and foremost, you will love your blackness like you’ve never loved before. It’s a transformational programme so we want to transform your life so you can tap into the inner high power within you and most of all you will know how to properly manage your melanin and experience life in a whole new way. There’s going to be fun, interaction, debates, science games, great learning tools and conversations.


14 Jan-22 April, Science of Melanin and Black Genetics, Conway Hall, WC1R 4RL, £258 12-2pm www.eventbrite.com

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