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Miles Yekinni Interview (The Comedy about a Bank Robbery) Miles Yekinni Interview (The Comedy about a Bank Robbery)
Miles Yekinni Interview (The Comedy about a Bank Robbery)

One of the hottest plays showing in the West End right now is The Comedy about a Bank Robbery. Described by the Radio Times as a classic farce with hilarious twists. One of the stars of this highly acclaimed play is Miles Yekinni. This young and upcoming actor had been in a number of notable plays and TV shows recently. His film credits include the highly rated ‘Say Nothing’. Ebonyonline.net caught up with the him to find out his latest role, his leading lady and how his band of brothers keeps him firmly grounded.


Afternoon Miles, give our readers a quick rundown on what the play’s about?

Essentially its what it says on the tin. We follow two unlikely friends, Mitch and Cooper to the city of Minneapolis where they intend to rob a bank with the help of the bank owner’s daughter Caprice and city boy Sam.


And about your character, Neil Cooper?

Sweet giant that never takes the logical route in life.


Cooper is quite goofy. How is this character like you?

I’m lucky in the sense that behind closed door I’m very similar in silliness. My family came to see it and said I have the easiest job as it’s just me running amok on stage.


What did you love about playing this character?

He can get away with murder because his brain incomprehensible. Cooper just wants to be a part of the club and would do anything to be Mitche’s best friend. It’s lovely for me to get a chance to play these warmer characters.


The whole show is very physical, what’s were some of the issues the cast faced?

How fast the show needs to move! Sweat is now my best friend. A physical warm-up and keeping a good spatial awareness is key to not getting hurt.


If you could play any other character in this show, who would it be and why?

Maybe Mitch, he’s got the hardest job playing the “straight guy”. He doesn’t really get to create the jokes, they more so happen to him and so I think I would love that challenge. Otherwise I would say Warren but I can’t tell you why as it would ruin the readers experience if they came to see the show.


Tell us some of the highlights of your career to date. Which roles have really stood out?

My first ever (and last) musical. Baddies, at the Unicorn theatre. I’m not the most confident singer so when the director called me up offering me the part the next day I straight up told her “if you heard what I heard in that audition room, then you’re crazy to hire me” but the script was “deliciously funny” and I wanted to be a part of this thing. First week of rehearsal was just singing- which was weird to me because I always worked lines first but once it was built, it was my jungle gym (they didn’t realised the hired a crazy person). One of the best comedies I have been a part of.


What attracted you to life as an actor?

My sister and actress Diana Yekinni. Growing up I never really knew what I wanted to be or do. She, however, popped out the womb an actor… like from day one. Her passion and skill at it made me want to do it, which she hated at first but she finally came around to the idea. Now we’re basically business partners in this challenging industry.


Who are you acting heroes and heroines and why?

Aunty ViVi aka Voila Davis- She someone who I have always looked up to from when she was doing her thing slowly climbing up, popping up in Madea Goes to Jail, Eat Pray Love etc. All the while thinking this woman is a power house. Showing us every day how important it is to own your craft. If I ever had the opportunity to act alongside her i would lose my ****.


What film role you’d love to play?

A kingpin in a marvel movie. Easy! Next?


Who would be your leading lady?

At the moment- Tiffany Haddish, just finished watching Girls Trip. Twice. I feel like me and her would get in trouble on set every day but it would be a next level film of pure jokes, pure stupidity and every now and then some heartwarming moments.


Advice to young aspiring actors?

Surround yourself with a support network of like-minded people. It’s not the easiest of roads but they will be the people that keep you going and remind you of your worth when you forget.


Tell us two fun facts about yourself that not a lot of people know.

 The thing that keeps me grounded in any job/life is the group of brothers and sisters I surround myself with. They keep me elevated enough for my goals to be attainable but not too high that I become big headed.


Secondly, I aspire to speak four languages: English, French, Yoruba and Arabic.


The Comedy about a Bank Robbery is currently showing at the Criterion Theatre.

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