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Shades By Renee, Interview with Renee Ekpe Shades By Renee, Interview with Renee Ekpe
Shades By Renee, Interview with Renee Ekpe

EOL: What was the inspiration for Shades By Renee
Shades by Renee was borne out of a lack of choice in the hosiery market and my desire to purchase tights that not only fitted my tall frame, but also suited my colour tone. Whenever I used to shop for tights I never seemed  to find the right colour, also being tall I was never able to get tights that fitted me without it sagging down. That’s what made me release they wasn’t really any variation for black women in market of hosiery. This is when I knew I had to make a change and give women of colour something they always deserved.

EOL: How did you go about bringing the product to market? What was the process?
RE: We are working with various advertisers, PR and stockist to help put us out there. Were currently still in the early stages since we only launched in December 2018. So we’re still in the process of getting into the market by trying to get into department stores like John Lewis, Boots, Superdrug’s e.g, working with stockist and distributors and various outlets.

EOL: What challenges did you face along the way?
RE: The most challenging part was creating the tight themselve, we had to try and find the right colour that was able to fit all black women that meant from light skin to dark skin. Researching and creating samples upon samples, we were finally able to reach and create our perfect five colours (Coffee, Espresso, Chocolate, Caramel and Latte). Also looking at the tights lengths and sizes We needed to make sure the tights were long and perfectly fitted that women won’t have to struggle with sagging tights again. 

EOL: What make your brand of tights unique in the marketplace?
RE: Shades By Renee is a unique brand in the market because we have been able to create nude tights that are able to blend in with the skin and it’s not noticeable. Which nude tights should really be like but given our focus to women of colour that haven’t been able to experience how sheer nude tights are meant to feel and look. Also tall women having a tight that will actually fit them. 

EOL: How important do you think branding is to the success of a business?
RE: Branding is very important because it’s the face of a business. The branding is the first memorial impression that customers and clients will have with your business, so you need to make your mark.

EOL: What new products / innovations can we expect from Renee?
RE: We will soon be launching our lingerie collection in Summer 2019. We’re also looking at creating shoes and other accessories that women will love.

EOL: Who are your business and personal inspirations?
RE: Gary Vee, his a inspirational speaker and Entrepreneur. 

EOL: Where and how can people purchase your products?
ou can purchase online at www.shadesbyrenee.com or www.Amazon.co.uk or at our stockist/distributors outlet both online and offline.

EOL: Finally sum up Shades by Renee as a series of hashtags?
#shadesbyrenee #melanin #fashion #stylist #trendy #women #tights #nude #variation #blackgirlmagic #beauty #blackwoman #explore  #pure #blackgirlsrock 

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