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The Business Mix Show Interview with Rachel and Chrissy The Business Mix Show Interview with Rachel and Chrissy
The Business Mix Show Interview with Rachel and Chrissy

The Business Mix is a show that airs every Wednesday morning from 9am – 10am on Colourful Radio (www.colourfulradio.com). The show is primarily dedicated to engaging with entrepreneurs and those who could potentially start their own businesses, providing unique insights and the blueprint to a successful business venture. Ebonyonline.net caught up the show’s hosts the effervescent dynamic duo that’s Rachel Palmer and Chrissy Addy to talk business, inspiration, jacket potatoes and much more.


EOL: What inspired you both to come together and start the show including a bit about your background?

R: The Business Mix (TBM) started life as a podcast recorded in Chrissy’s kitchen! We’d known each other for over 10 years when I brought my idea to Chrissy to start a platform to showcase the best of black business to a wide audience. So in winter 2015 we recorded a pilot with Aaron Wallace (owner of male grooming brand Shear & Shine), then utilised our networks to interview other entrepreneurs and business owners we knew throughout 2016. We then aired on internet based station Caramel Radio for a while, before presenting our show ideas to Colourful Radio in Dec 2016, who loved the concept and we were on air with them in April 2017.


C: As Rachael said, we have known each other for over 10 years; we met when we worked together in Dartford. For as long as I’ve known Rachael I’ve known her to be ‘the creative’ friend so when she came to me about the Business Mix, even though I had neither the skill or the knowledge i did not hesitate to say yes. I knew it would be a challenge for both of us, especially me as I’m not a speaker and I had no real idea about business but was definitely up for the challenge


EOL: What do you want the listeners to get out of your show?

R: We want our listeners to feel inspired, motivated and excited about their entrepreneurial journey, whether they are just starting out or have an established venture. We choose our guests and topics carefully in order to impart information and practical advice that will help a business grow and highlight the expertise we have within our community.


C: Definitely want listeners to feel that we are part of their journey, they are not alone. I see The Business Mix as the connector to some of the great services out there that people may not have known are available .The fact that we are able to showcase some fantastic businesses and entrepreneurs doing great stuff in the community.


EOL: Any innovations or additions for the show in 2019?
R: This year we’re going to develop TBM brand being more visible online, getting more interactive with social media and partnering in more events. We’ve got a new newsletter out and we’ll be having a new ‘business spotlight’ segment on the show too where you can promote your service, products or events – Readers: feel free to drop us your business contacts and we will be in touch. I will say if you want to know what’s going on the best way to find out is to listen in!
C: It’s all about being more visual in 2019, launching our You Tube page …more collaborations there is just so much scope for the Business Mix, l’m very excited.


EOL: Having interviewed so many Black businesses, what have you learned generally about them? (Will ask you both separately).
R: That we are a hardworking, highly skilled, creative and innovative bunch! We can transform our passion into profit – that the passion for what you do as an entrepreneur is key to your longevity and success. Despite the stereotypes and rhetoric Black businesses span vast array of professional industries – not just Barbers and food shops!


C: We are highly creative and highly determined. We all have one vision which is to see the elevation of our businesses community


EOL: Following on from this what are the main business skill gaps that you see are still missing for us to be truly competitive?
R: Consistency is key! i.e. – Don’t open at 11.30 if your advertised hours say open from 10am! Uphold the same level of service from all customers. Also being on top of marketing and branding – with a strategy (and budget) to execute targeted campaigns. We need to be going after everybody’s coins in 2019!


C: Gosh! Customer service! Customer service! Customer service! We have come a long way but there are some businesses that still need to understand the customer experience.



EOL: What thoughts did you come away with about the next generation of black business owners having attended the recent UK Black business show?
R: That was a great, so much fun – there seems to be a ‘new wave’ of young black business innovators who are not afraid to take risks and step out into the business world. They are mixing traditional industries (i.e. tailoring) with new technologies (i.e. apps) to find a dress maker near you. It’s exciting to witness and be a part of.


EOL: If you were to start a business what would it be and why?
R: A mobile food van selling Jacket Potatoes with a range of gourmet fillings – why? Because you can’t find a decent Jacket potato anywhere nowadays! I’d go around to festivals and in have a spot during lunchtimes in the city!


C: A mobile afro/Caribbean fresh food service , I remember living in Bognor Regis and having to come to Balham to buy our native items , plantain , cream , yams etc…. I would like to bridge the gap and create a service that brings these items it to these areas out of London on a monthly basis.


EOL: Who are your business inspirations?
R: Sounds corny but I’m always left inspired by the guests we have on our show, just hearing their stories of perseverance and success makes me think “Yes! We can do this!” Last year we interviewed Nadine Bryan who founded the Brysocrema make up brand as she was a finalist in the UKBBS Den. Although she wasn’t a winner she took on board feedback from the judging panel and came back bigger, better and bolder in 2019


C: There are various people who inspire me on a daily basis Alexander Amosu, Dentaa Amoateng to name just a few. Yemi Ayewumi (Treats Hibiscus Drink) who was a guest on our show was definitely one of my most inspirational guests her pure determination and passion was a joy to experience.



EOL: Final pieces of advice to black start up or established businesses?
R: 1. Tune in to The Business Mix show every Wednesday 9am-10am on Colourful Radio
2. Contact us to come and showcase your business on the show
3. There aren’t really failures in business, just extra learning experiences!


C: You are not alone on this journey; there is always someone out there ready to support you

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