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The Lioness Awards – Rewarding courageous women The Lioness Awards – Rewarding courageous women
The Lioness Awards – Rewarding courageous women

The Lioness Awards was established by Evelyn Pindura, founder of the Hope and Voice charity as a way of recognising those gifted to women who have achieved great success and recognition within their various fields of endeavour.


The name was derived from the lioness, an animal that has to be courageous and vigorous in the face of adversity. The metaphor suggests that women, like the lioness, should be brave, and to not give up in the face of overwhelming odds, and should instead strive to surpass the limits they thought they had.


Those attending this glamorous inaugural dinner and dance event taking place in the glorious and expansive greenery of the Surrey National Golf Club will have the opportunity to network with individuals who share their way of thinking, and like them are motivated, energised and ready to start making a difference for themselves and society.


Ahead of the award ceremony, Ebonyonline.net caught up with Evelyn, who took time out of her hectic schedule to talk to us about the inspiration and long term vision for the awards.


EOL: How did the idea for the Lioness Awards come about?

EP: When I received my first award – the African Calabash Unsung Heroes Awards (ACUHA) in November 2014, for writer of the year, I became elated, little did I know I was going to be nominated for one, let alone become one of the winners. Winning was the motivating factor that inspired me to reach out to other women.


I first learnt about the Lioness when I came across Lisa Bevere’s talk on women as lionesses; this resonated with my spirit and awakened the lioness within me. I did a bit more research about the lioness and learnt how the lioness is fearless does not rest until it has feasted on its prey.


As women we are just like the Lioness – we are fearless and should not give up when faced with an obstacle challenge or distraction instead we should be strong from within and continue to fight to accomplish that which we have been called to do – our calling. We do not have to settle for mediocrity.


EOL: How did you go about choosing the categories and the nominees for the awards?

EP: The nominees are the women I have networked with at various levels, some of them were my mentees and some were my mentors and the others I have heard about their stories; over the years I have built a bond with them.


EOL: What can attendees expect on the night?

EP: Opportunities to network with like-minded people. Opportunities to grow their network, boost their business and grow clientele. Get motivated, get educated or ‘recharge their batteries. Support and celebrate the success of the nominees which will bring immense benefit.


EOL: What is your long term vision for the awards?

EP: My long term vision for the awards is to continue to hold the awards biennially, reach out to more women – unsung heroes – who would not normally be recognised for their hard work and the difference they make, be it personally or to their communities; I also hope this would become an international event.


Obviously, we would like to wish good luck to everyone who’s entered for the awards. All women should endeavour to be like a lioness; fierce and powerful, but also unwavering in the face of adversity and resolute in achieving their goals, and that’s what the winners of this award represents.


Hope and Voice was founded in 2012 to help individuals with mental health issues, young single mothers, the unemployed, individuals living in poverty and the BAME communities of Surrey and its borders.


For the list of the award categories, to register for general and VIP tickets to the awards and dinner and dance or to purchase a stall to exhibit your business at the event visit www.hopeandvoice.com/awards


Lioness Awards, 30 Sept, Surrey National Golf Club, Rook Lane, Chaldon CR3 5AA, 6pm till 11pm.


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