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Vamos Cuba – Dance Extravaganza Vamos Cuba – Dance Extravaganza
Vamos Cuba – Dance Extravaganza

An airport departure lounge and a delayed flight. Not a thought that would fill most people with delight. Yet this is the setting for Sadler’s Wells latest production, Vamos Cuba. Through this seemingly simple setting we are introduced to a wild eclectic mix of characters as they wait for their flight to Miami. What follows is an explosive celebration of Cuba, Latin music and dance.


This is two hours of pure joy. Exuberant, vibrant, unapologetic. The different styles of Latin dance mesh seamlessly, the band is lively and the vocalists are phenomenal. There were few feet not tapping in the audience by the interval. The dance itself is breathtaking.


While my knowledge of dance may be limited to that of an ardent Strictly fan, I was blown away by how emotive and vivid the choreography was, the precision of the movement matching the feeling of the moment perfectly.


We see heartbreak, romance, comedy and carnival all set to a pumping beat. I can’t remember the last time I saw a show that was just this much fun.


On the surface there is not much more to say than that. However there is a message buried in all the glitter. Cuba’s turbulent history is referenced and while that number in itself feels somewhat out of place and perhaps a touch heavy handed in a show that is otherwise blistering with positivity, it succeeds in making you reassess the colourful characters you’ve been watching.


Because joy is a choice. And in some cases not an easy one. It’s a poignant thought as we watch our passengers finally jet off to their next adventure.


The show is far from perfect. While the dance is immaculate, the story telling is a little sloppy in places. The moments between numbers can be a little stilted and some of the ensemble fade into the background. But then this piece isn’t really about the narrative. It’s a good time. And on a grey October day, it’s a very welcome one.


24 Oct-11 Nov  www.peacocktheatre.com for details and tickets

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