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Britain’s Got Fashion – Melanie Gayle (Interview) Britain’s Got Fashion – Melanie Gayle (Interview)
Britain’s Got Fashion – Melanie Gayle (Interview)

This week we are in the company of the very funny comedienne, actress, singer, rapper, lil activist, impressionist, tribute actor (was there anything we forgot?) Melanie Gayle who is here to tell us a bit about her role in the forthcoming production ‘Britain’s Got Fashion’ as well as who stole her heart when she was a young ‘un.


Before we get into the ‘MyDesertIslandLondon101’ section of the interview just a few questions about the play Melanie.


EOL: What’s so special about Britain’s Got Fashion then? What’s it all about Melanie?

MG: I can’t give away too much…but my character Olufamba is a finalist of reality TV show Britain’s Got Fashion. The play deals with real issues that affect models and women in general. It’s brilliantly written by David Bottomley and very funny indeed, I’m not just saying that because I’m in it! The cast are all female, a good mix of ages, sizes and backgrounds. Every script read and rehearsal has been full of laughter!


EOL: Tell us about your character, Olufamba, is she fun to play and why?

MG: Olufamba is a fashion designer, who makes clothes for curvy women. My character is great to play as she is very REAL and has to deal with current topics like BAME/Diversity. Olufamba is very outspoken and tells it as it is!


EOL: Get Over Productions is an all-female team, why is this still important in this age of diversity?

MG: This is my first experience working with an all-female production team, it has been really enjoyable. I think it is very important for females to get their voices heard, and I am seeing more and more female producers, directors and writers doing amazing things these days, which is very inspiring. I think it is really important for females to take control and produce/write shows that tell our stories from our perspective. I have been inspired to write myself and am currently writing a comedy script/play, watch this space!


EOL: Welcome to ‘My Desert Island London 101’ section of the interview. It’s where we ask about musical memories, being stuck on Desert Island, being Mayor and what really gets you riled about London or Londoners.


EOL: So what was your earliest musical memory? Excluding nursery rhymes, can you remember the circumstances?

MG: First one that springs to mind is by Public Enemy. My older sis loved them and she was playing Bring the Noise. That track, the lyrics made me a lil activist back in the day, lol. I was way ahead of my time should have been listening to Whitney!


EOL: What songs is the soundtrack of your school days or student years? What made them so memorable?

MG: Growing up I loved Prince, I used to listen to his album Purple Rain and watch the video every week. His talents as a musician and a performer really caught my attention. I also loved Missy Elliott in my teen years she was and still is great inspiration to me. Missy is the reason I became a singer/rapper, I used to be known as CaraMel G. Missy’s Songs like Get Your Freak On and Work It were couple of my favs, they still sound good today. Music is and will always be a big part of me. It’s a dream come true to actually be a Missy Elliott Lookalike and Tribute Act, I am known as Melly Elliott – @Melly_Elliott


EOL: What song(s) remind you of your first love or broken heart and what were the circumstances?

MG: That would be Come And Talk To Me by Jodeci. I remember being in the lift at work with my first love and getting those butterflies in my stomach, I was so nervous to speak to him. I really wanted him to just say something to me. It took weeks of smiles and looks and stares and more looks until we finally spoke. Ended up being together for seven years. Today would have just swiped right, or is it left lol, I don’t know how Tinder works.


EOL: Complete the sentence ‘London cyclists’ or ‘Mayor Sadiq Khan should…’

MG: London cyclists should be DRIVERS’


EOL: Describe your perfect London day from morning to night?

MG: Sunshine, great company, good food, cocktails, music and dancing.


EOL: What really gets your goat about London or Londoners?

MG: London is great; it is just a bit dirty at times. I’m always commuting for auditions etc. and hate getting on dirty trains and buses with rubbish and papers all over the place.


EOL: Two items would you take to your desert island and why?

MG: Food (Chicken Wings) my fav and water simply to survive.


EOL: Your life’s philosophy in a hashtag? #

MG: DoWhatYouLove


Thank you Melanie or should we say Melly Elliot for a most enlightening and musical interview. Melly is available for weddings, office parties, bar mitzvahs and funerals and anywhere where you want to bring the house down with laughter. (Editors additions)


Britain’s Got Fashion, 24-25 Aug, Cockpit Theatre, Gateforth St, NW8 8EH £8-£10 9pm www.thecockpit.org.uk

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