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Yolanda Mercy talks about her play Quarter Life Crisis Yolanda Mercy talks about her play Quarter Life Crisis
Yolanda Mercy talks about her play Quarter Life Crisis

This week we are in the company of  the very funny Yolanda Mercy who is here to tell us a bit about her up and coming play: Quarter Life Crisis


Before we get into our quiz game ‘MyDesertIslandLondon101’ just a few questions about the play Mercy.
EOL: In a nutshell what is it about?
YM: Quarter Life Crisis is about what it means to be an adult and asks when do you become one…

EOL: What inspired you to write it?

YM: I was inspired to create this piece when all of the people around me seemed to know what they were doing with their lives.  They were having babies, getting married and even buying houses, but my main concern was how can I keep my 16-25 railcard and get discounted travel.



EOL: When do you think you grew up and became an adult?To be honest, I don’t know. I still trying to find that out. I’m hoping that doing this show at Arc, Ovalhouse and Edinburgh Fringe will help me figure this out….


EOL: What do you want your audience to bring and what will they come away with.I want my audiences to bring themselves because their unique energy and view will make the show thought-provoking and exciting. I want the audiences to leave feeling empowered. Empowered by their voice. Their story. Their journey in life.



EOL: Welcome to ‘My Desert Island London 101’ section of the interview. It’s where we ask about your musical memories, being stuck on desert island,  being Mayor of London and what really gets up your goat aka Room 101.


EOL: So what was your earliest musical memory? Excluding nursery rhymes. Can you remember the circumstances?

YM: Totally Grease… especially when I played all the parts… I was 5 by the way!


EOL: What songs are the soundtrack of your school days or student years?

YM:  21 Seconds by So Solid Crew and Ride with You by G-Unit (I even had their trainers)


EOL: What song(s) remind you of your first love or broken heart and what were the circumstances

YM: Again has to Sandy from Grease when she leaves Danny… sad times. Also Toni Braxton, Unbreak my Heart


EOL: Complete the sentence ‘London cyclists should be… OR If I was Sadiq Khan I would…

YM: If I was Sadiq Khan I would… include tubes in the hooper deal (Buy one journey get one free)


EOL:  Describe your perfect London day from morning to night?

YM:  Wake up at 10am, meditate – go to hot yoga at 12pm – have lunch with mates at 3pm (probably at the Breakfast Club). Then at 5pm head to the theatre for show call time. 7.30pm perform in show. – 9.30pm chill in the bar with the audience/friends – 12am audio book. 1am bedtime!


EOL: What three things would you put in your Room 101 and why?

YM: I don’t know what room 101 is… but my iphone, yoga mat and chicken wings?


EOL: Two items would you take to your desert island and why?
YM:  Iphone because it’s got everything you need from smart pay and meditation apps and chicken wings…. they’re my fav!
EOL: Your life in a hashtag?


Quarter Life Crisis by Yolanda Mercy
Where: Oval House Theatre, SE11 5SW When: April 13 @ 7:30 pm – April 15 @ 7:45 pm  For prices and full details click here.



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